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    Aug 2007

    Question Whats the best way to "stop" cross-courting

    This may sound like a stupid question ask, but my friend just discovered the glory of crossing courting, is there any simple way to stop/lower the angles? I have been trying various things such as hitting drop shots, lobs, hitting to the body, away from body, near lines ect. In your opinion what is the best way?
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    Aug 2007
    what I mean is a more direct approach, like with smashes just hit low shots

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    what i reccomend you do, if i got it right what your talking about, is stay a little more on the opposite side where he is so it removes the angles he can use against you, the best being a hit down the line which takes more precision and concentration to execute effectivly. hope this helps and just tell me if it doesn't make any sense.

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    Aug 2007
    oh thank you, I'll try that. Today during practice I tried a different approach. I'm not sure if it has a real name, but instead of hitting back hands and forehands, I hit forehands with my left arm and my right. It allowed me to hit the ball a little bit sooner, but I think your way is a lot better, because I can't return balls that well with my left arm

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    Aug 2007
    I say approach too often -_-

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    Sep 2007
    Northern California
    During a extreme cross court shot from my opponent, i'll ususally do one of many things depending on where im positioned:

    1) Hit down the line. When hitting down the line, placement is essential. You can hit a ball with moderate pace and still get good position at the net and end the point with a volley return. You don't need to rip the ball, just play it moderate and you should be ok.

    2) The most used from players that I play: you can slice the ball back cross court ( high percentage shot ). This will enable your opponent to hit possibly the same shot depending how he/she is confortable repeating the shot. I'll usually slice the ball with excessive backspin causing my opponent to possibly hit the same shot. By the time the ball reaches my oppenent, im right at the net for the volley winner.

    3) Short chip shot: I'll chip the ball back to my opponent drawing him up to net and planning for my next shot ( passing shot down the line or cross court backhand angle.

    4) 3/4 top spin: I'll hit the ball deep enough to throw my oppponet off position.

    There are many techniques you can accomplish, but it all depends on how you are position on the court when your oppenent hits the cross court shot. Wow, your becoming a switch hitter when you're switching to left/right forehands. I got a chance to see Luke Jensen back in 1987 when he played for USC. He is a switch hitter when it comes to his serve. Im still trying to figure it out after all these years how he did it. I hope I made sence. Goodluck and have fun.
    Last edited by Roger Serafin; 09-14-2007 at 04:30 AM.

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    Change the direction of the ball. Hit the ball down the line.

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    Sep 2007
    Pinellas County Florida

    Jam the inside out.

    My favorite tactic to win a point against a player who is superior to me at cross court rallies is to hit a short sharp angle with little pace then hit the next shot cross court again but more down the center of the court and as deep as possible. If this is executed properly, I can usually catch my opponent in no mans land, with the ball bouncing at his feet, forcing him to an error or a weak return shot.

    Give it a try.

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