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Thread: weak forehand

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    Aug 2007

    weak forehand

    Hello Everyone!!!

    Glad to be in your community. I would like to ask for some drills to correct my problem of finishing my stroke very early and not allowing longer ball contact thus resulting to a weak and short ball. Thanks.


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    Hello Lino, welcome to! We're glad to have you join us and hope you enjoy your time spent here. Be sure to visit often and participate in the discussions here. I think with a few more active members we will have quite an active community.

    About your question, I think our Tennis Tips & Instruction forum area would be a good place to ask that question. Network Administrator

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    hello and i am sure i can help with ur problem. E-mail this to a friend Printable version


    The modern forehand is one of the most spectacular and devastating shots in the game.

    With modern technology and techniques, today's players can use it to hit winners from almost any position on the court.

    STEP ONe

    Starting from the ready position, drive off from the legs and look to get to the ball as soon as possible.

    As you push off, prepare by turning both your hands towards the ball.

    This will rotate the shoulders and upper body away from the ball, storing up energy that will soon be used to create power

    step 2
    Look to bring the racquet head back in a loop.

    Think of a circular type movement as you lift it up as you bring it back then drop it lower as you start to accelerate forwards.


    The key to producing real power is to fire all your different muscles into the shot in sequence.

    Start from the legs, then the hips, your shoulder, arm and finally your wrist.

    If timed right all these different muscle groups will combine to produce huge racquet head speed that will send the ball flying.


    The forward swing of the racquet should be from low to high.

    You should be looking to make contact with the ball at around waist height.

    As you get more confident, have a go meeting it slightly higher.

    This will enable you to get more power into the shot and get further into the court which will put your opponent under even more pressure.

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    Rip that forehand

    I have a couple suggestions for you on hitting a hard deep forehand. I would offer that you should pay close attention to the backswing. I like to see the racket head point straight backwards toward the fence behind you on the backswing. There should be a bend in your wrist so that the racket is swept back about 45 degrees measured against your forearm. Stay relaxed(this is crucial). Make sure your racket is about a foot below the contact point at the begining of the swing and let er' rip. Make sure you hit all the way through the ball accellerating the swing until the ball is gone. You should be making contact with the ball about a foot in front of your body. If you are struggling with the visualization of all of this, I highly suggest you go to YouTube and search for "tennis slow motion". Watch the vidoes of Roger Federer, Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick while looking for the above cues. After you think you understand what needs to be done, go hit about 500 forehands with focus on staying relaxed and driving through the ball at about 75% of your maximum swing speed.
    Wham! Winner!
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