Was early to my match so I watched my friend. He was playing against some kid who made lousy calls at key spots-like in the tie breaker that was instead of a 3rd set. The kid was also foot faulting like crazy all through the match. The director also was this kids coach so I asked about it and he said that they could not do anything unless my friend asked for a line judge. But my friend didn't and he lost cauz of some bad line calls at the very end. I know my friend has to learn from this but you would think that the coaches and the parents of that other kid would try to discourage this. Hes got a rep for hooking. It was only a L2 in Syracuse 14s so it was not a big deal but poor sportsmanship is sure rewarded. The kid got the to finals and lost to another kid who wouldn't put up with that junk. What are your stories. Is there a thread with names of kids routinely hooking?Guess printing names would discourage it.