What you guys think about federer and sampras playing next month? Who is going to win?

Here is the link to see the schedule.......

Federer vs. Sampras On Air and Online

Day/Time (EST) On Air Location
Tuesday, Nov. 20th 7am delayed, 8pm encore Seoul, Korea
Thursday, Nov. 22nd 7am LIVE, 8pm encore Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Saturday, Nov. 24th 1am LIVE, 8pm encore Macao, China
Date Online Location
Monday, Dec. 3rd Rafael Nadal vs. Richard Gasquet Seoul, Korea
Tuesday, Dec. 4th Roger Federer vs. Pete Sampras I Seoul, Korea
Wednesday, Dec. 5th Roger Federer vs. Pete Sampras II Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Thursday, Dec. 6th Roger Federer vs. Pete Sampras III Macao, China