My name is Lori Hickey and I am a 3.5 singles and doubles player age 52. I am always looking for friends who play tennis, to get together for a great match. I don't care if I win or lose, as long as it is a great workout, great points and lots of fun.

I live in Amherst but would like to play wherever, whenever. My favorite spot is Chestnut Ridge Park. I also have played a lot at the Crosby courts on Colvin. It doesn't matter - indoors or permitting. I work during the week, and am available some evenings and weekends. I am available on short notice, in case the weather is great and the nets are up!!!

I would be interested in finding a male to play as my partner in mixed doubles too. Or even racquetball - I'd love to find someone to play with....

Hope to hear from you!