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    Jan 2008

    How to beat a left hander??

    How can i beat a left hander.. Left-handers are among the most challenging opponents that i face...i dont have experience playing with left handers and didn't get any training for that..Any suggestions would be appreciable.....

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    Mar 2008
    pile up the pressure on their backhand, and place the ball behind them, make em run, try hitin crosscort to their backhand, put tonnes of spin on it so it bounces up high to thier backhand.
    p.s get the length right, dont forget that!!!

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    May 2008
    I have difficulty with lefties too ..... I find that having a plan ( like Avil's ) and sticking to is extremely important ..... All my instincts are geared to righties so by sticking to a plan I don't hit easy put aways right into their Wheelhouse !!!

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    Dec 2007
    i'm a lefty. all you really have to do is think the opposite of what you normally do to a righty.

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    Aug 2007
    does any one know oscars way of hitting an effective slice serve?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BERTY View Post
    does any one know oscars way of hitting an effective slice serve?
    Berty, go to Tennis Forums, General Tennis Discussion then the thread entitled "To get topspin" and my post "Oscar Wegner on topspin serve" dated 6-19-08 for the answer.
    Last edited by Tennis Angel; 06-26-2008 at 01:40 AM.

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    Lefty's Are From Hell!!

    As a righty myself I know wxactly what you are saying.

    The problem is that we are not generally used to playing against them. Even leftys don't like playing other leftys because they are used to playing rightys.

    Anyway, some of the earlier advice is good!

    Switch stuff around, have a plan, hit to their backhand etc is all good advice but what people failed to say is you need to work on these shots a bit in practise or believe me you won't be able to "switch it on" when you need to!!

    Example - Practise your backhands up the line to hit to their backhands (if it is weaker)!!

    Most people hit their backhands x-court most of the time which will only feed the lefty forehands etc

    Also try and find a lefty to play against from time to time - I was lucky enough to have a lefty practise partner and whilst it didn't make playing them easy, it really was a help!!

    To sum up, think about the changes you will have to make and practise them AND find a lefty to play with!

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    Playing Lefties

    Note that many left-handed players are accustomed to getting a lot of shots to their backhand (right-handed players automatically hit to the "forehand" side), so lefties will often have a strong backhand. Also, when a leftie is up at the net don't go for your usual alley shot on your deuce side because for a leftie that is to her stronger volley side. Basically, whatever would be a good move against a rightie's weakness becomes a bad choice against the leftie. Lefties hate to serve on the north side of the court, so if you have the choice place a leftie to serve on the north side. Finally, when warming up with an opponent in a match, don't forget to check out what hand she is hitting with - many players don't notice they're playing a leftie until sometime during the match, if at all! After saying all this, it's probably not a good idea to "think" too much about all these things during a match as it will take your attention away from the ball and your hand, which is really all you need to focus on in the first place.
    Last edited by Tennis Angel; 08-10-2008 at 10:15 PM.

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    Jan 2009
    I'm lefty, have a big lefty serve.
    I don't find playing other lefty's all that different. You still gotta probe for strengths and weakness, stay away from their strengths on important points, and play the best of your ability.
    Stand in on return of serves.
    Obviously, if you have trouble with their serves, you'll lose, so get used to it.
    Lotsa lefty's, including me, have much more consistent backhands than forehands due to multiple tournaments played. You solve that one.
    Not much difference at a 4.0 level, as we all play lefty's at least 30% of the time.
    You want to beat THIS lefty? Easy, bore me do death.

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    I'm a lefty-might be obvious in my username...but I've also played lefties..and the thing is, it's likely there grip is not very stable. If you can pressure them enough, you can force them to slice, and then you're up and the net, and boom!! ....or something like that...hehe...the other advice is very good...
    BTW Tennis Angel is ABSOLUTELY correct about targeting the forehand! So pressure it...
    Last edited by elite_lefty_ACE; 04-12-2009 at 07:06 PM.

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    Mar 2007
    Alpharetta, Georgia

    Ban Lefty's : )

    Lefty's should have their Own " Seperate ' League

    Of course I'm kidding the real bummer lies in having to think before every shot. But Ya'll are right You have to play their Backhand !!!

    Should mention the Lefty I play ( best Bud ) has an awesome forehand ..... in fact his game is exactly that of a strong Righty's only in reverse .......
    Last edited by _greg_; 04-14-2009 at 01:00 PM.

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    Jun 2007
    Panhandle, FL
    The best way I got better against a lefty was to start practicing against one regularly. You can only improve by practice.
    David Patterson

    The best deals on tennis racquets are at Tennis Plaza in Miami.

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    Apr 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by avii View Post
    pile up the pressure on their backhand, and place the ball behind them, make em run, try hitin crosscort to their backhand, put tonnes of spin on it so it bounces up high to thier backhand.
    p.s get the length right, dont forget that!!!
    Not true. Do not hit it to the backhand. I'm a lefty, and my backhand is 2x more accurate and powerful than my forehand. Why? Because I only play righties, and they have a tendency to hit it to my backhand, so I get a lot of practice there.

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