NYC production company, Magic Garden Productions , is currently shooting a new series for the tennis channel entitled 5 greatest. Our first episode is of the 5 greatest temper tantrums of all time. If you have any photos or videos related to any of these players or moments please contact Peter @

Media search for:
Jeff Tarango's "slap heard round the world" 95 Wimbledon incident
Mcenroe's 85 Davis Cup "flying cups" tirade
Agassi's spitting incident 90 U.S. Open
Hingis defualt in 99 French Open vs. Graf
Mcenroe "pits of the world" incident in 81 vs. Tim Gullickson
Connors 86 walkout vs. Lendl in the Lipton Championship
Nastase 79 U.S. Open tirade vs. Connors
Mcenroe 90 default in Australian Open
Cliff Richey's 1970 ripping out the lines incident

If anyone has any media for these events please contact us or if you know of a tirade that is worthy of taking a look at please email us.