Hello Everybody

I am Ateer. Please in my first posting allow me to share with you this small article which is about Rotator Cuff Pain which is a major problem to any tennis player if he/she gets affected.

Rotator Cuff Pain Medically called Rotator Cuff Tendonitis which is an inflamation or injury to the supraspinatus muscle tendon ( A Shoulder Muscle). It is also the common cause for the painful restriction of the shoulder at all ages. In about 30% of cases it is due to trauma and it is bilateral in about 5% of cases.

In this problem the pain radiates to the upper arm and is worse when abducting and raising the arm. The sever pain usually immobilizes the joint.

It is usually treated by pain killers or analgesics, but sever pain responds to an injection of corticosteroid. About 70% of patients improve over 5-20 days and mobilize the joint themselves. Physiotherapy helps persistent stiffness. To read more about the effect of physiotherapy on Rotator Cuff Injury I recomend reading The Ultimate Rotator Cuff Guide ebook which is written by an expert physical physiotherapist.

Thank you for reading this small article and wish you all the best