Federer is more poised now than ever, like in the beginning of his ascent to number one, and, most likely because of Jose Higueras influence, has cut down on his unforced errors. His timing is much better lately, and he seems to have regained the confidence on his forehand. He also has had reasonably short matches, and must be in as good a shape as ever for the semifinals and final. Short of a terrible day on the court, he should get to the final and pose a formidable threat to Rafa Nadal. Rafa is playing fabulous, but tennis is an interesting sport, in which sometimes the difference, at the level of play of Nadal and Federer, is in a few important points, and many times in the outcome of the first set. Very telling will be the semifinal between Nadal and Djokovic. This will really tell us Nadal's form and Djokovic's talent. I cannot wait for these semifinals, this is exciting for this wonderful sport, where you have to get on the court and create every day. Nobody "has it". Nobody "is". They are what they "do" that particular day.
Oscar Wegner
THE LEADER in modern tennis teaching methodology.