Hi there I just found this forum as I was looking for info on Oscar Wegner. I had previously purchased his 4 dvd set and just ordered the new stuff.

I have 2 sons that play tennis. 1 is on a college scholarship at an NAIA school but really can't get over the hump by 'finishing' off players that he could beat.

He constantly gets up 4, 5 games in an 8 pro set and ends up losing.
My other son is a junior in high school and has the same issue. They get up 30, 40 - love and then lose the game.

They both have great strokes, nice forehands and backhands, big serves...coaches have said they are hard workers but have all the physical skills to be really good players but are stuck mentally. They both started playing in 7th grade.

They both have played USTA every summer since and we chased novice and regular tourneys every week. I didn't care if they won, I just wanted them to get the experience, but now we are to the point where the HS son wants to get to state and the college son wants to get back on Varsity (He was his freshman year playing No. 5-6 and No. 3 doubles but the coach recruited heavy at his level so now he's No. 3 doubles and No. 8.

I have tried just about every PMA thing I know of to help them. I got the Wegner set to get them back to basics and I think its great. It's even helped me alot in my game not having picked up a racket since High School.

Anyhow sorry so long.