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    rbilleaud Guest

    Unhappy Help my backhand - PLEASE

    I feel kinda silly asking this question considering that I was a fair player back in the day (3.0). I recently resumed tennis after about a 15 year layoff - new racquet (how technology has changed) and for some reason I can't get my backhand grooved. It was never a strong shot for me, but at least I could play a decent defensive slice to give myself a chance at a forehand winner. Now when I try to line up a backhand with a regular followthough it goes WAY long (hits the back fence on the fly). I have survived (barely) by more or less just letting it bounce off my racquet head with almost no follow through (like a half-volley). Of course I have no control and even less pace. I need some help to get my backhand back, I've tried all I can think of and am getting very frustrated. Please help.

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    have you tried swinging up and over the ball?

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    rbilleaud Guest
    Yes, I've tried that. Topspin backhand has never been my strong suit. I guess I should have mentioned that it is a one handed backhand.

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    i imagine you must be bringing the racquet back with your non-racquet hand, and make sure you're moving forward while you're hitting the ball.

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    Dec 2004
    Seoul, Korea (South)

    my suggestion

    i think you should take the hit point back a bit.
    Ying-Woo Wang

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    Unregistered Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by yingwang
    i think you should take the hit point back a bit.
    hello how are you ???

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    marat1 Guest

    this could help

    i am an amature player and i have tried learning tennis through videos from tennis coaches. I have tried many but i think the best are nick bolletierri's and david sammel's - - try their backhand videos. it will help

    hope this will help

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    Unregistered Guest
    If its cntrol thats bothering you, I suggest shifting to a two handed backhand. It might take some time, but it will be fun and might work in the end. The best two handed backhand to watch is Kim Clijsters...try apeing her!!!

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    Apr 2005
    Delaware, OH
    You probably know this, but a one-hander is harder to learn than a two-hander. If you want to stick with the one-hander, try this-

    Take a continental grip (a normal volley grip) and rotate it a quarter turn so that it faces down a little bit. Then when you hit, you should go from low to high and you will get a nice topspin backhand. It will be difficult to hit, but with practice, you should begin to like it because you can go down the line and crosscourt easily.

    If there's nothing that can help you, buy or check out Nick Bolletieri's "Tennis Handbook." The chapter that explains the grips is incredibly useful, and you can choose a backhand that you like from that list.
    Tennis is the meaning of life.

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    This tip isn't guaranteed to fix your backhand, but it's worth a try. I often have to work on my (one-handed) backhand. Not because it's bad. In fact, it used to be my better side. But since I developed a truly big forehand, I began to run around backhands. Consequently, I just don't hit enough of them.

    So, every so often, my backhand goes South on me, and I go out to a wall or with a ball machine and hit two-handers for awhile. I'm still not exactly sure why hitting two-handed backhands fixes my one-handed backhand, but it always does for me.

    It may be because hitting two-handed automatically speeds your preparation, forces you to avoid lazy footwork, gets you squared around fast and far enough, and PRESENTS A FLAT RACKET FACE AT IMPACT. Those changes seem to "stick" when you return then to hitting one-handed.

    I like little "magical" fixes like this, because they don't fill your head with fault-finding do's and don't's to think of while swinging. Thinking of how to swing while you're swinging just frustrates you: it doesn't work. (See the book "The Inner Game of Tennis" for why).

    One more tip: grunt as you hit. You needn't roar -- just make sure you inhale on the backswing and exhale on the foreswing. Grunting is a good habit to form because it makes you do that without thinking.

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