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Thread: donald young

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    Unregistered Guest

    Realize What Your Saying...

    I am a junior player myself...obviously if ppl take time out of their lives to right comments on this thing about a kid who plays tennis...obviously the dude is good and can do whatever the hell he wants to... i think he should go pro....i believe some of the wildcards are good...he has earned some of them by winning junior tournament...however other ones are rediculous like giving him a wild card into Miami Masters Series...but hes a good player and going pro is a good choice if he makes it or not.

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    Thumbs up he is not that bad

    I personally have played with and watched Donald play and I think he's a great player. Now is he ready for the pro circuit? I think not but give him time. Maybe when he is 19 or so he will be able to shut up his critics and be a top pro circuit player. You have to remember he is only 16 and and he is number one in the world for 18 and under.

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    Donald Young tennis magazine cover

    I would be grateful if someone could send the image file of tennis magazine cover with Donald Young on the cover at
    many thanx

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    Lets be honest donald young is a long way off winning a match at ATP level. He hasnt even won a set, he's crap

    When he lost 6-0, 6-0 to a guy who went on to lose 6-0, 6-0 in the next round to Blake

    No way near tour standard

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    May 2006
    I've seen Donald Youg losing 6-0 6-0 with an argentinian called Berlocq. Two days later Berlocq lost with Blake 6-0 6-0. This give us a little idea about how far is Donald Young from the pro circuit. He is a great junior but againsta pro like Berlocq was obvious the lack of power, depth and the unability controlling the shots of a guy who came from the qualifiers.

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    there is a small insert about donald young on my website.. check it out and tell me what you think

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    May 2006
    <<Talent is one thing (shown by players such as Marcelo Rios), but mental toughness is something that cannot be taught and is need to become a professional that can remain at the top. >>

    Totally agree. But also I think he is not full phisically developed. He can grow a few inches and gain weight.

    By the way, great site.

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    Very good post.

    I agree with the family friend of Donald Young.

    I don't think that it's about girls being allowed to play in the pro circuit at such an early age and boys not. At the moment you don't see as many young men playing pro as you do young women. The opportunity is there for anyone with the talent. There are talented young men as well as talented young women and if you're beating everybody in the juniors it's a waste of time and energy and money, if you're not getting the proper sponsorship, to stay stagnant in that area if you are above the rest.

    Thanks to John Hammell for contacting me about this forum. I don't know how you got my email address, but thanks for sending it. I hope that you had a chance to check out my webpage and had a chance to see the most recent event with many of past tennis stars, Zina Garrison, Eliot Telscher, David Wheaton, Malivai Washington, to name a few.

    If you haven't just send me an email and I will email you the link.

    kr, wcp

    Quote Originally Posted by Intel
    I don't think he's too young. I've always been confused about the double standard in tennis. No one complains that Nicola Vaidisova is too young and she's sixteen too. Why is it that the girls are allowed to enjoy the privilege of playing on the professional circuit, but not the boys?

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    jktennis, Hewitt is pint sized, but because of his level of skill and experience, he was or is able to swing with the best.

    Who knows, Donald may never grow to be that "big" of a guy, but he is a young man, so it's possible that he will grow some more. He can put on weight. What's more important for him right now is getting that experience. Hopefully everything that I said above will fall into place.

    kr, wcp

    Quote Originally Posted by jktennis59
    <<Talent is one thing (shown by players such as Marcelo Rios), but mental toughness is something that cannot be taught and is need to become a professional that can remain at the top. >>

    Totally agree. But also I think he is not full phisically developed. He can grow a few inches and gain weight.

    By the way, great site.

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    May 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by PowerfulOne
    Thanks to John Hammell for contacting me about this forum. I don't know how you got my email address, but thanks for sending it.
    You're welcome. The reason you received the email from is because you already had an account registered here with the same email address. Your first account was registered back in September 2003, quite a long time ago so maybe you forgot about that. Only website members who selected to receive email notices from tennisw will get emails from this site.

    If you would like, I could merge both of your accounts together under whatever username that you want. Just let me know. Network Administrator

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    Thanks. Oh back in 2003, that was a while. I did get your private message also. That would be great if you could go ahead and just merge them under PowerfulOne. If I decided to go ahead and use my original name, I'll let you know.

    I'll try to come in here every now and then, however, my schedule can be pretty tight. I do check in on a couple of the forum boards every now and then. Since I got a couple of emails from this forum, I decided to check it out. I couldn't recall registering. I see I did a few years ago.

    I also read where one poster was saying that they didn't post here because of the immature posts. That's one of the main reason why I stopped posting on too many of these boards. The maturity level was pit low. You have a lot of adults acting like a bunch of children who've been set free to do whatever the heck they want. So, I stopped posting on several of the other forums that I posted on.

    It was time-consuming, exhausting at time, and mainly, it doesn't pay the bills. But at time these forum boards can be good for educated discussions.

    I hope that you can keep this board controlled. If so, I'll visit every now and then.

    Thanks for your response. It's greatly appreciated.

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    Jun 2005
    my home


    im still sayin henin can beat any guy exept those gud ones easily

    i love henin

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    Jun 2006
    Broward Florida

    Let him play

    Playing on the tour will be good for him...experience is a good teacher.

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    Jun 2006
    Bolleretti, Florida
    i totally agree. he needs to lose b4 he can be the best

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    I find it VERY convenient the venom that this young man's junior's success is drawing out in some of these posts. Funny. I wonder where all of this disdain was when Boris Becker, Michael Chang, Andre Agassi, Jim Courier and countless others from the past decade and a half were emerging on the circuit at the same age? Many of them did indeed win early AFTER an embarrassment or two or three courtesy of the Borg's, Lendl's, McEnroe's, Connors, etc.

    There is a definite gender bias here too. Any true fan of the sport can clearly see that. What's good for the ladies at a young age comes with strings attached as a male.

    Nowadays, the love affair with youth on the ATP Tour is rooted only in results (file this under Rafael Nadal)....perhaps even Richard Gasquet of France. Now, Rafael Nadal, remains the EXCEPTION to the norm. He is a young man (now) that has succeeded very early. A prodigy on the men's circuit,indeed.

    I truly believe that there are very few juniors that have risen to such heights for a prolonged period of time, as young that will NOT bear fruit as a pro. It is my belief that we Americans should be proud of OUR countryman. Moreover, I see him more in the mold of an even younger French star that was equally (actually, even moreso successful), Gael Monils. People.....give this young man time...... Tell me, were you at YOUR best at 16? He is not Michael Chang....but, you might be in for something as or even more special, in due time.

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