I saw the draw at Indian Wells, and of course, the commentators, and the other pndits who have websies of their own. I find it is always the same thing, year in and year out: dire predictions, because somebody is new, or somebody has a hot streak.
In my mind, there is no doubt that the best player is FEderer. Djokovic is atempting to overcome him--not just iwth racquet,m but with all those unpleasant comments ht makes all the time. Is thatreally something he needs, as well as his family's and his camp's dubious support, as at the Australian Open? I think he is playing beyond himnself, with an awful lot of will, and a lot of muscling. He did improve on some things; for example, copying the idea from Federer to disguise his serve. He seems to me somehow pumped up, if that is the word, as if his body got restrug in some way.
But a better player, no way. And he is not as great to watch as Fed. Besides, now he has all those players behind him trying to get him. That's what Fed has done for years; and it is a tremendous feat!
Well, I guess we will se some surprises along the way. Some of the younger players might end up eating each other.