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Thread: Power racquets?

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    Power racquets?

    Hello tennis fans.

    You've probably heard this a hundred times.
    But what is the best Racquet for power? I have quite a strong serve but i need a racquet that can provide me with good power when serving. I am a baseline player so i would need a racquet that produces superb groundstrokes. I have been looking at the Wilson Ncode range, the Babolat Aeropro Drive plus, the Head Flexpoint radical OS and the Prince O3. I cant make my mind up. If you guys have any good suggestions of other racquets please tell.


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    power racquets? that is a good questions. personally i have tried numerous racquets and one that is still in my radar is prince O3 silver. man, that racquet can really swing the ball. a slight tap on the ball and went. try it.

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    Volkl DNX 1 Powerarm

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    I think the Prince O3 line gives you a ton of power. You just need to make sure to couple your racket with the right strings and tension. The best power racket will not work at its full potential unless you make sure your strings are on target too.

    If you are more advanced, the Babolat Pure Drive also has a lot of power. But it's less forgiving if you mis-hit the ball.

    Make sure your string tension is more on the lower side. If your racket suggests 55-65, go for the 55 and move up as you start producing enough power on your own.

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    I've been in the market for some new sticks due to the fact I've been breaking strings at a ridiculous rate with my current ones (Prince Vendetta). I've had people mention I need a smaller head (currently use a 110cm) and tighter string pattern due to the fact I hit the ball with heavy topspin. This sound accurate? Any suggestions on a good mid-size racquet with a tighter string pattern? (I believe my Prince's are like a 16x18 or something)

    Rally Sports

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    String also has a lot to do with durability but an open string pattern allows for more spin potential, as the ball can embed itself into the strings more, due to their wider spacing.

    Players seeking more spin will benefit from a more open string pattern. The price one may pay for this, though, is reduced string durability. Open string patterns allow the strings to move more freely, increasing abrasion which causes string breakage.

    Look for racquets that have a 18 mains x 20 crosses pattern.

    To name a few:
    Volkl DNX 10 MP
    Head FXP Prestige MP
    Head Liquidmetal Instinct
    Pro Kennex Redondo 98
    Wilson nBlade MP

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    Does anyone know which top racquet is sold most? i have no idea

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    Jun 2006
    Louisville, KY
    The top three are Prince, Wilson and Head.

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    Yep the top three are Prince, wilson & Head then everyone else.
    The Prince o3 series has a ton of power, so does the Pure Drive.

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    I use the Prince o3 red speed port now and saw a tremendous improvement in power over the wilson ncode nsox-one tour.
    David Patterson

    The best deals on tennis racquets are at Tennis Plaza in Miami.

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    Talking power

    First ,d0o you take a full swing? If you do you cannot use a full power racquet. You need a tweener racquet. If you have a short stroke visit Tennis Warehouse for game improvement racquets. Dont be sucked in by power as power racquets dont allow for advanced full swings as will spray the balls all over.

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    go for something like a prince if u want power, ur lookin for somethin that has a very large o-port, and prince specialise in these so go for a prince, remember the larger your racquet is the larger the o-port, which basically means that the bigger your racquet the better the feel, the more the power, and the bigger the bigger is better if ur lookin 4 power and feel.

    If your looking for something lightweight then go for a Wilson
    If your looking for something controlable then go for a Head, or Dunlop
    If ur looking for a good spin and reasonably good control the Babolat is definitely ur no1 option...
    Andy Roddick uses a babolat and he gets great power in his serve's kinda hard to pick.

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