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    Unregistered Guest

    Topspin Backhand?

    I have a one handed backhand that I feel pretty comfortable with I just dont get as much power as I am capable of. Any suggestions??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    I have a one handed backhand that I feel pretty comfortable with I just dont get as much power as I am capable of. Any suggestions??
    i love my one handed backhand, used federer as inspiration, worked to no end the whole point of topspin was to enable u to hit as hard as u can but always bring the ball between the lines....although that requires uite good technique to put THAT much topspin on it. the biceps r naturally stronger than the muscle group on the underside of our arms so thats y some of us have trouble generating power, but its also more about point of contact and timing among most things, crack the ball in the middle and hit it flatter and ull hit it much harder, just rolling over the ball wont give u power, but it will give u placement
    If i could be reincarnated - I'd come back as Roger Federer

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    Unregistered Guest
    I also try to emulate his one hander.

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    Leipzig, Germany
    I'm very happy about my two-handed backhand
    so i have more power in long races. If I play a slice I use only one hand
    IPt works !
    Greetings Ben tennis4ever

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    Unregistered Guest
    I think it's good that you emulate Federer's backhand. However it's not good to fully scrutinise and fixate every movement to be precisely like him. He does not use the same technique every shot, and varies it. Although now i think he is naturally used to it, there is no predetermined way to hit a ball except what you feel is the best and most efficient way to hit it. topspinning the ball on a bh, will depend on your position with the ball, its speed, etc. but you should try to best position yourself and swing in comfortably at the ball. it's like a flick.

    i think if you can just go out onto the court, not even think of a bh, fh smash, and jsut hit the ball your way will be the best way of doing it. it's what you're comfortable with.

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    Generally, a one-handed backhand is the most powerful sidearm shot. Chances are that one of these things will make a difference.

    As your racket-arm swings forward, your free arm should NOT follow: it should be moving the opposite direction - backward. In other words (if you're right-handed) as your right arm swings forward, draw your left elbow backward so that your arms spread apart as you swing.

    That should automatically correct a lot of little flaws there may be in your swing.

    It may help also to make sure you're hitting off the front foot. You can't hit with power off the back foot, because then only arm-speed contributes to the forward speed of the racket head. To make up for that, you can try to swing real hard, but all that does is make you miss the sweet spot.

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    Dec 2005

    Its all in the legs

    As with all tennis shots power don't just get generated by your arm or hand or worse, wrist.
    Although you don't rotate your whole body around on the follow through like with other shots, you have to still turn your shoulders as if your going to.
    The secret of hitting hard and accurate is to stay in the "line of the ball" as long as you can. Bending your legs and pushing forward and up with it is the most important place to start looking for a more powerfull shot.
    Firm Wrist, Straight Arm, Hitting far out in front of you, all these things should be told to you by a qualified tennis instructor. Some coaches do actually know what they talk about, so I suggest you head to your local club and pay for a lesson and listen to the professionals suggestions and then practise practise practise!!

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