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    Question Hello I have a question...

    Hello Everyone I have a Question for All Of You Tennis Lovers Out There...

    I try to hit a powerful forehand but it usually goes long or i net it....I use a semi-western grip and im about 5'7

    What can i change to creat the most killer forehand ever...and dominate others around me like the true beast i am...

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    Are you bending your knees enough and getting below the ball? That seemed to help me a bit. If you do that and get enough top spin, it should be able to easily clear the net, and still land inside. Hope it helps.

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    Swing Through!!!

    I was having the same problem about a month ago. But then i just really focused on the ball and watched it go into my racquet. When you do this you MUST swing COMPLETELY through. If you dont, theres only a small chance of your ball gettin across. Also, swinging thorugh will help you hit the ball with more power and more accuracy.

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    but i have a question - Is sharapova definetly going to be no 1 by the end of august???

    and could it change by the end of this year??


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    The chances are high that you're actually swinging too hard. This article on hitting with power should explain and help:

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    Aug 2005

    Stronger forehand

    there is a detailed analysis of agassi's forehand out there somewhere that shows the mechanics of his shot and it's quite amazing. in this one clip, he literally turns around almost, has his heel pointed backward towards his opponent before he starts his swing, and then he comes around and devistates the ball, but they go through all the motions and such... not sure if you can find that video clip, but i'd see if you can find it

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    other question

    sorry for posting an other question, but i hope someone can help me here...

    does anybody know what time roger federer will play his second match against santoro tonight??? there are no indications anywhere...



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    Feb 2005

    Forehand Help: Net and Long

    The semi western grip is a fantastic grip for power forehands. It is a very strong grip in the hand because the bulk of the hand is behind the handle. I tell my students that it is critical that they understand why the ball flies around the court the way it does. In tennis you can only miss up, down, left, and right. In general, missing left and right are point of contact mistakes, while missing long or in the net generally require different corrections. One of the reasons shots go down or into the net is in the swing plane itself. A low to high swing plane which sweeps from below the ball (contact about the 3:00 position on the ball) with a followthrough generally above the shoulder will give you all the lift you need to clear the net and arch the ball into the court. If the swing plane is more of a low to lower followthrough the ball will allways stay down. Another reason could be that you have a little wrist roll that creates the topspin at the 1 or 2:00 ball position. This will make the ball take a massive nose dive down. The exception is taking the high bounce at 1 or 2:00 oclock because you don't need lift, the ball is allready well above net level where you can drive the ball down into the court. Hitting into the net is the sin of tennis. It should be called hit the ball over the net game right!. The long out ball will generally involve some degree of open racquet face fueled by the racquet speed, kind of like an airplane taking off. When you hit long concentrate on closing the racquet face and keep that low to high swing plane and you'll be fine. I am a former ATP tour player and a head tennis Pro of 28 years. Good luck,

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    why dont u just start off slow and once u got the hang of it start putting moor ompff into it

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    You could be hittinf the ball a bit too flat also- try adding top spin

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