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    disadvantages to hammer grip for serve?

    I posted these remarks at a different forum, and am looking for as many responses as possible.

    I have started experimenting with a hammer grip - i.e., the closed fist version of the continental grip - for my serve. I came across it somewhat accidentally while experimenting with a way to make sure my grip didn't slip during the serve process. In other words, I used to start with a continental grip, but invariably let the grip move improperly right before contact.

    When I discovered the hammer grip, it seemed like an easier way of maintaining the proper angle. One pro told me to stick with the continental grip because it would give me proper extension. But I really would prefer to use the hammer grip for a while, unless I believed there was a concensus view that it was problematic.

    Can anyone tell me whether there really is a disadvantage to using a hammer grip, rather than the continental grip, for purposes of the serve?

    Incidentally, I also think the hammer grip will work better for me for volleys as well, so feel free to comment about that too.

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    Hammer Help!

    In reality when you grip a real hammer it feels like the continental grip on the tennis racquet. I know many players that call the continental grip, the "Hammer grip". Your deffinition of the hammer grip may be a little more rotated left than you may think, however, whithout seeing your actual grip it's hard to say. Pick up a hammer and then use the same grip on the tennis racquet. This would be the advanced grip for serving in the tennis world. If you are to far left of continental (your hammer grip) you will not be able to pronate your wrist in order to hit flat power first serves. You will however be able to slice and hair of the ball. As you rotate left of continental it is a very weak grip in the hand and is terrible grip for the forehand volley. My advice is to go to the continental grip for the serve, forehand volley and backhand volley. I also advise my students that if they are a little bit unorthodox but successful with a particular aspect of tennis, (your hammer grip) stick with it and work on other areas of the game. I am a former ATP tour player and 28 years as a head tennis professional. Do not be afraid to stick with what feels good to you if it is working. Serving is a very personal attack of the ball. Good luck,

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    Look if it works for you, GREAT! There is no law that says what grip to use. Becker had a forehand grip on his serve and Edberg had a backhand grip. They both had pretty good serves.

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