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    Unhappy How to do a kick serve.

    I have never been able do a kick serve. Any pointers? I seem to always want to toss the ball almost behind me to force myself to hit behind it. I dunno.. I need help.

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    jimmy_pistol Guest
    You're meant to throw the ball back over your head; not like a 'normal' serve where it should be thrown in front of you over your left foot.

    When you have the racquet in your hand (holding it parallel to the ground), rotate it slightly to the right (i.e. change the angle of the racquet head by changing your grip).

    Combine this with a throw behind your head, try and get good height off the ground when you serve, aim high over the net, and you should be as sweet as a nut!

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    Try and get some pace on a kick serve. It you don't, it just sits up and justs asks to be hit.

    General Tips on Serving

    Experiment a bit with ball tosses and check out how the serve ends up. Typically, if the ball is going into the net, you are probably throwing the ball too far forward. If it going too long, you are probably throwing too far back. PLEASE EXPERIMENT AND MAKE ADJUSTMENTS.

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    Hey, The kick serve is not very difficult... the more practice the better...of course...but EXPERIMENT...if possible watch doubles players.

    The kick serve needs a lot of kick otherwise you might as well lob it to your opponent!
    Good Luck with it!

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    alfajeffster Guest
    First and foremost, I recommend keeping your ball toss in the same spot for every kind of serve. This is important, because it is the foundation for a truely great disguise.

    The best way to learn how to hit a kick serve is to stand outside the mesh screen of a public court. Make sure the screen is at least 10 feet high. Stand 2 feet away from the screen, with just enough room to toss the ball. The objective is to hit a toss over the screen. You will find it extremely difficult to start out, but eventually, you'll adjust your grip and point of contact when you brush up the back of the ball enough with your string bed to be able to impart the kick you're looking for.

    Remember- if you start using different tosses for different serves, the better players will pick up on it and start slamming different returns past you.

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    Pennywise Guest

    need pace

    I'm having trouble putting pace on kick serves. I dont know if my toss is okay, but I do get a lot of spin on the ball. But, i hit it so slow, i think I could probably outrun it to the net. Also, I always feel a bit off balance when I hit them. Does anyone have any helpful hints???

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    just kicking the ball before a tennis wall slightly.if you can kick the ball to a stable position,slowly increase your will find it's easy enough to get it even to a pupil.

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    lobber Guest
    That's something I've never been able to get right either.

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    Join Date
    Sep 2003
    Hong Kong
    Try tossing the ball a bit onto your left and brush-up from 8 o'clock position to 2 o'clock position. Remember to aim hitting with 2-3 feet net clearance to get the ball deep.

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    Join Date
    Feb 2005

    Smile Kick serve Input

    The Kick serve is an invaluable weapon if you are able to become somewhat sufficiant at it. It is common at the Pro level, but any 3.5 or 4.0 player that can learn it, can do some major damage to his opponent. The toss from behind and to the left (right handed) hit at around the 8 to 2 oclock position is right on the money, however You MUST have a very agressive wrist snap which will drive the ball up then down and will give the best ball jump action.
    If you have variation of wrist snap, you will not be able to trust the ball toss location. The ball toss location works in harmony with the amount of wrist snap you will use. If you decelerate, not only will you hit long or high (no pace), but you will not get the agressive ball jump to the right which is generally the reason to hit a kick serve in the first place. If you can't arch your back to reach the ball toss back and left as far as you would like, it's OK, arching a little bit with a good wrist snap will give you great net clearance for a very solid second serve! I could have not competed successfuly nationaly or on the ATP tour without it. Good luck

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    Unregistered Guest
    For a kick serve its very important to use your wrists and a continental grip is a must.I beg to defer with the gentleman who said that for a kick serve the toss has to be the same as other serves.It has to be slightly to the left(for a right hander). For people who have power problems with the kick serve...a common mistake made is that the ball is tossed behind...remember the toss has to be to the side but always forward to get your weight behind it.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Delaware, OH
    If you're getting enough spin but not enough pace, you should try going through the ball more than around the ball. So, instead of 8 to 2, try 7:30 to 1:30, or any other adjustment you decide to make.
    Tennis is the meaning of life.

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    You can see some good illustrations and explanations on how to spin serves (including the kick serve) at and on the pages following.

    As for hitting all kinds of serves from the same toss, there's a question and detailed answer on that at the Q & A page:

    To sum it up, if you're a pro or your toss is a mile high, it's a consideration. Some pros tell you they hit every serve from the same toss, but they don't. Most even are wrong about the grip they say they use. Vic Braden keeps catching that on high-speed film. Go figure.

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    Unregistered Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kathyk
    . Some pros tell you they hit every serve from the same toss, but they don't.
    True...a classic example is Pete Sampras's serve....the second kick serve always had more elevation on the toss. I learnt the kick serve watching Sampras on TV.

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    can someone explain the tennis clock again. When you say 8 to 2 it's kinda weird b/c I don't get it how you hit from 8 to 2 if you're a right hander.

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