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    Backhand suggestions?

    RIght, so i have a one handed backhand and to say it bluntly it blows. I simply cannot put topspin on it at all, the only thing i can do with it is major backspin which is great... to a point. any suggestions on what i can do to improve it?

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    sorry cant help, 2 handed backhand

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    Dec 2005

    Post one hand backhand help

    first of all you need the right grip for topspin.
    put your hand on the grip so that your knuckles are in line with the frame of the racket(on the top of the grip or western backhand grip)
    If you are holding the racket like that, instead of curling your thumb around the grip, extend your thumb to point towards the head if the racket. Your thumb will now be in line with the strings of the racket and it will be right behind the racket.
    On your backswing think about pointing your thumb down towards the court, on contact the racket head and your thumb should be the same height (parallel to the court surfuce) and when you finish your followthrough you should finish "thumbs up!"
    As soon as you get used to hitting and finishing thumbs up, put your thumb back in the original position and stil lift your racket head up while your hitting the stroke.
    (If this all doesn't make sense it's just because my english is unsufficient to explain) Write me a personal message if you want me to try and explain better!

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    thanks ill have to try that.

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    Tennisfaf is right. Another suggestion in the same way.
    If you play table tennis, then remember how you use your wrist to hit your backhand.
    The end of the backhand tennis hit really remembers the table tennis hit.
    Also sorry for my English.

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    Another thing that might help. No matter what kind of spin you want, make sure the swing comes from the shoulder and that your arms separate during the swing. Otherwise you generate no racket-head speed and will tend to slice the shot just because of that. You can see a couple videos of what I mean here.

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    Clearwater, Florida
    Good advice. I would add, use your back muscles, as if you were bringing both shoulder blades together.
    Oscar Wegner
    THE LEADER in modern tennis teaching methodology.

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    Nov 2005
    I have a double handed backhand
    whilst i used to play when I was young & stopped for a while
    I am back playnig tennis now
    but my backhand is all over the place
    I cannt seem to make good contact with the ball
    I am either coming in too soon or not soon enough
    any quick advise

    When Meeting someone Greet them by Saying SALAM

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    No guarantees, but one thing that often just fixes a problem like that is grunting. Make sure you're letting out some air as you swing. Time the grunt to coincide with the hit. That really helps timing.

    You don't have to beller like some players do. Just loud enough so you hear yourself and get used to hearing that little grunt on every shot.

    This will keep you from catching and holding your breath without realizing it, and it will establish rhythmic breathing, inhaling on the backswing and exhaling on the swing. That should relax you.

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