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    Serve and Volley troubles...

    hi, i am getting back into tennis after 10 years off and it's going great so far. i have one problem though, i serve lefty and play the rest of my game righty even the overhead. any ideas of some tricks to help me obtain a good serve and volley scheme? it seems that when i serve and start coming to the net my brain doesn't register and i am not able to switch to the other hand quickly. serving righty is not an option since my shoulder is shot on that side. thanks for any thoughts.

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    Jan 2009
    I sometimes also serve lefty and play the groundies rightie, but I don't serve volley those occasions.
    But for 4 serious years of tennis, I'd serve lefty and volley two handed with the right hand predominant, so you might try that.
    Made 4th round qualifiers for Pro tournaments couple years as a high ranked B player playing only A tournaments.
    It sorta worked.

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    Sep 2004
    New England
    Very interesting situation you find yourself in I see. Tell me, what do you mean by "My brain doesn't register"?

    So you hit overheads with your Right Arm (correct?)
    But you have inflammation in your shoulder and have difficulty serving from the Right Wing eh? Well couple of things to check out.

    1. Have you tried flattening your serve?
    2. Just going for getting the serve in instead of in with power?

    Ok please read these words carefully. When you serve with your Right Arm, most people do the Y opening. In other words, both arms raise up spread like a Y.

    Your left arm is tossing the ball while your Right Arm is moving upward behind your body where the Racquet is behind your head OR you're doing the Back Scratch style of serving.

    So I would like for you to try a different serve with your Right Arm that is 100 times less stressful. You can practice this right now after you read it, without a ball & racquet in your hands.

    Pretend you are tossing the ball up in your Left Hand a normal BUT your RIGHT Arm is going to follow the movement of your left as if you have a Bull Whip in your hand and you're raising your right arm up in front of your body very easy & smooth, then as the imaginary ball is coming down, you'd make contact right in front above your head.

    Now this is something you'll need to practice several times and I would strongly suggest coming across the ball in order to spin it in but you will be eliminating the behind your back start that causes your shoulder rotation cup to twist in that awkward motion that makes for pain over years.

    Remember the Bull Whip motion .. if you are cracking a bull whip, you've tossed the ball up in the air, while you've raised your right arm with the bull whip in your hand looking up and making contact with the ball as if you were cracking that whip.

    This is be very easy on your shoulder .. if you'd prefer to use your right arm for serving, this might help. Now if you really don't want to use your right arm at all, then learning to serve with your left side is going to be a challenge. However you can still apply the Bull Whip motion to the Left Side as well that might make it easier for you.

    Let me know how this works for you .......
    The only acceptable loss is when your opponent was better than you on that given day.
    It is never acceptable to lose when your opponent was not.

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    Feb 2009
    I am having a hard time serving. I think I am having grip problem. What grip should I used?

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    Jan 2009
    Continental for all serves. You can add a SLIGHT twist towards backhand if you like to spin hard second serves in.
    If you're a beginner, eastern forehand with a slight shift towards continental.

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