I suppose I must try this one more time ..

My User ID is Coach and that's what my kids (Elementary & High School) refer to me as. Yes, I teach Tennis but I'm not a Tennis Instructor per'se I liek to refer to myself as a Tennis Psychology Instructor.

In my area, there are a number of very qualified Tennis Instructors who do a fine job teaching the fundamentals of the game. But I found was most disturbing was going to Local Tournaments and watching these promising kids lose one match after another, not because they were'nt as good as their opponent but because they more than not, beat themselves.

I was particularly struck by a Post in the Tips & Instructions area wondering why he didn't play as well at match play as he did when practicing.

Anyway, I would like to say hi to all that are here and I hope my participation on this Forum will bring enlightment to myself as from myself. As long as I've been hitting the Ball, I still find areas to learn and so should each of you.

Thanks All