Ok for anyone not know what SPOILER means, do not read below the asterisks
unless you want to know the results of the Wimbledon Men's Finals

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Ok if you couldn't resist looking down here, don't blame me ...

Of course it was a fantastic feat and incredible achievement for RN to over-take RF in the finals. There are many factors that could be discussed however not sure how many people are here so I'll wait for that.

A few comments by the Commentators struck me as funny. It's far too easy
to claim RN is of course the new World's #1 having won the last two Majors
however I wonder if RN beat RF or if RF beat himself? As I watched this match the major turning points that determined the outcome came on RF unforced errors. Had RN won beat points on outright winners or forced errors, I could infact say, RN is the better of the two at this point and I don't want to sound like a cry baby because I was pulling for one or the other.

I'm Old School and for me, I want to see one guy beat the other guy. It's like Joko losing to Safin on a double fault. When you are at this level, unforced errors have no place in major tournaments.

Ok having said that, there are many factor that come into play as we know.

You must know even the Best of the Best deal with nerves at critical situations. It's basically what separates the Champions from the Contenders.

Control your Nerves.
Maintain your Stamina
Focus on the Objective
Execute your Shots

When you are the #1 Player in the World, you most likely attained that Crown by being able to Control your nerves during high-pressure situations. Like the Finals of a Slam Event - Championship Point (either in your favor or against you) - 1st Round of a Major (Many Champions lose to much lower Ranked Players. I know personally, I hate playing someone who is much lower in ability than I am, not that I don't or won't but I find it presents a different type of Challenge for me. Yrs ago, I didn't like playing with women because I felt it was unfair to hit monster serves at them and claim a victory if they couldn't handle my serve. So when playing women, I would change my game to pretty much a ground game only. I would spin the serve in just to start the point. Thanks to an old friend of mine, one day he said, if somebody is standing on the opposite side of the Court, either you play your game or don't play at all. They will only get better for it. Well that's debatable considering whether someone gets too frustrated about not being able to return serves and simply giving up.

Stamina is what the Game of Tennis is all about. Ya gotta know if you aren't able to run around like a rabbit all day, you shouldn't take up this Sport. Living just about my entire life in California, you get to understand hot. I got extremely sick once after playing two back to back 5 Set matches in 98 degree weather. I think I didn't drink as much water as my body was releasing. I lost my 2nd match in the 5th Set when my legs began to give out. I wasn't getting to the ball quick enough and my serve was beginning to lose its' pop. My ground strokes were not as penetrating as they were earlier. Ok, my opponent was dealing with the same problems but he lasted better than I did.

I know a Lady who Roller Blades while swinging 1lb weighted gloves strapped to her hands. You think 1 pound is nothing I suppose. Well try it .. Anyway she Bicycles, Swims, Runs (on dirt only) and Roller Blades. Then she plays Tennis and getting tired is not something she ever deals with (God Bless Her).

Focusing on the Objective is HUGE. If you truly want to Win a match, then make that your one & only thought. You'll know you're there when you can no longer hear people playing on nearby Courts. You can't hear the dogs barking in the background, you can't see anything other than your Opponent and the Ball. When you get to that place, your whole game will elevate up a level. You are then playing for the competition and not the social aspect of the game. Every shot matters .. every shot is important, you are no longer laughing at dumb mistakes but rather in your head, you're telling yourself "That will not happen again"

Executing your shots simply means when you've gotten your feet into position, your eyes are on the ball and you know exactly where you want to place the ball upon contact. Every muscle required to make the shot happen falls in line as if your mind is the General and your muscles are your army and racquet is your weapon.

You make the shot and your instincts move you into position for any possible reply without having to overly think about it. Don't doubt yourself on the Court. You've heard many times people say, "Go for your shots". or "No Guts No Glory"

Well there's something to that. I was thinking while watching the RF / RN Finals, the Championship would have been far less meaningful in terms of greatness had any other Player been on the opposite side rather than the #1 & #2 clearly best Players in the World. When you've beaten the best, then the victory is just that much sweeter. If you've never hit a down-the-line forehand winning passing shot, what are you waiting for? The Ball isn't going to go there on its' own to show you what it looks like.

Even if your attempt winds up over the fence, you will make the adjustments and soon those long crazy laughable misses will start to fall in. Maybe for awhile they might be a little long but in the direction where you wanted it, but you will make the adjustment and the first time you nail that shot, it's the very essences of why people compete.

Either try to execute or take up something else because Tennis is only fun when you can actually have a rally. It's not fun when someone hits the Ball to you and you hit it in the Net or over the Fence. Once you learn Top Spin, you are on your way to victory.

*sorry for any spelling errors, they come when I type fast