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    Jan 2008

    MTM with Polyester strings?

    Hi All,

    Bit quite around here so I thought I would see if anyone has experience with polyester strings? I learnt to play tennis pretty much using MTM, with its emphasis on using topspin for control. I believe that polyester strings are meant to give you access to much greater topspin, though at some expense of feel (and possibly increased vibrations = bad for elbow?)

    Does anyone else here play with polyester strings? Is the trade-off worth it? Can you recommend any particular polyester strings to try?



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    Talking Poly plus MultifilimentI

    I use poly in 1 racquet. Poly& multifiliment in another racquet. I think its worth a try. I use HEAD SONIC PRO 17 ga.
    I think a lot depends on how forgiving your racquet is when you use poly as to how it feels. I seem to get more grip with POLY but i am still on the fence a little bit.
    I will give you 3 good multifiliments to try

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    Jan 2008
    Thanks for the advice haretrigger. I asked the question really because I have heard so much conflicting advice about poly strings.

    On the one hand, I have played against people who were using poly strings. They would be hitting with absolutely massive amounts of topspin that was almost impossible to return. They would tell me that in the modern game, it is almost mandatory to use poly strings. And with the MTM emphasis on using topspin for control, poly strings sound like they would help.

    Against that, I have heard other players who say that poly strings are extremely harsh, give you tennis elbow, have zero feel on the ball and finally, that non-pros can't generate the racquet speed to take advantage of them anyway! Again, MTM emphasises the "feel" element of tennis and I would hate to lose that in my game.

    So at the moment, I am still playing with a full-multifiliment setup. It would be interesting to see what Oscar thinks about the pros and cons of using poly strings though...


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    Aug 2007
    The Noog, TN
    I have yet to try the poly strings myself, but I string tons of racquets and I have heard a lot of feedback. Most people do use hybrids with poly in the mains and multifiliment in the crosses, although I've heard that Federer does the opposite. The only complaint I seem to get is that the poly strings don't hold their tension as well, and they tend to lose their life a bit sooner. Everyone raves about the ability to crush the ball and not worry about the ball landing in-- which might be a pretty good trade off. I recently set up one of my sticks with Luxilon in the mains and Wilson Sensation in the crosses, I can't wait to try 'em out.

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    String Question

    Quote Originally Posted by edelgar View Post
    MTM emphasises the "feel" element of tennis and I would hate to lose that in my game.

    So at the moment, I am still playing with a full-multifiliment setup. It would be interesting to see what Oscar thinks about the pros and cons of using poly strings though...

    Hi Ed,

    I checked with Oscar and he is not familiar with poly string mechanics. I suggest you discuss this topic with a reputable stringer to get some data and perhaps demo a few different types/brands to get the "feel" you are looking for. If you live in the So Cal area I highly recommend Gilbert Gan at Dan's Racquet Sports in Simi Valley 805-583-1077. Gilbert was a finalist in the 2007Wilson Stringing Championsohips He might be able to answer some of your questions. Also, if you Google the topic you will probably find some good articles. Let us know what you find out!
    How good can your game get? You too can play like the Pros with The Wegner Method.
    Discuss The Wegner Method here at TW in the MTM forum or visit for more info.

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    Jan 2008
    Hi all,

    Thanks Tennis Angel for checking with Oscar! It's great that he's willing to make himself available as a resource on a forum like this!

    Just to round out my experience, I did go ahead and try a polyester setup when I had my last restring. My stringer put a Babolat polyester string in and for the first session or two, it felt great. There was a massive increase in power and spin. I felt like I couldn't miss and everything was landing in. Feel and touch weren't bad either.

    This didn't last though. After the first few sessions, it soon began to feel very hard and unforgiving (I suppose at this point, a pro would just get a restring). Although I didn't experience any arm pain as such, it did not feel as comfortable to hit with compared to using multifilament (or the first few hours of polyester). I could certainly see why it might causes arm problems for some users. Also, touch and feel went right down.

    I decided to visit my stringer and go back to multifilament. Poly does feel like the greatest string on earth for the first couple of sessions but I feel I can't afford the frequent restrings that would make it work. I would advise everyone to give it try though.


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    Talking Trying Out

    I am trying out 3 new racquets tomorrow. All three are prince with no polys in the stringbed.
    Since i have been using poly in mine I will get better feedback and add to this thread.

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    Talking What poly what racquet

    Tried out the three Prince Racquets yesterday. One did have Poly mains.
    There is a lot more spin compared to Syn Gut.
    I guess because i use oversize racquets i get the power anyway and the poly does grip the ball so my touch is good. I just bought a Wilson n5 (110) that is new (old stock) strung with wilson sensation. I am having it strung with
    Head Sonic Pro mains Prince lightning crosses straight away because the playability will increase.
    That head poly is expensive and second generation so it might make it a little more playable. I just tried out my wifes racquet that has been strung for a couple of months with the full sonic pro and it still has that great grip and feel.
    The racquet is a Head Protector which is designed to be kind to the arm.
    So i think which poly & which racquet has a lot do do with it.

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