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Thread: Advice please

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    Advice please about mean kids

    I play tennis the only place with indoor courts. Its very rainy so you have to play indoors most of the year. This is my 3rd year. We all get along really good except for 2 brothers who are a litle older. 12. They are really high ranked and the club lets them do anything. They ruin every dril and every practice by yelling and screaming and kicking and spitting like they are 5. They cheat and argue and lie about line calls and anything. They ruin other peoples stuff. Poured paint into this one girls bag & ruined everything init. They cut strings on another kids rackett. They hid some kids rackett and he never got it back. they say nasty things about kids and tease them cause of the way they look or their clothes or if they need glasses or talk with an accent or any stuff. Parent complain but they are sick sweet to the adults so they do nothing. They cut one kids shorts in half in the locker room and mushed flattened some other kids lunch and say they are only having fun. when they are confronted they say its all just a joke and we have no sesne of humor. Kids who get upset by it are teased worse. Funny thing is I used to race and they did too. They had temper tantrums like they were 5 when they were 10. I was even younger but it got so bad we didnt go anymore. It was really embarrassing and ruined the fun so we found another place to go. Same with baseball. We waited to make sure they were not going to be on the team before signing up because they ruined it last year. The coach let them sign up after the deadline but parents complained so they were out and we had a great season. I do not want to stop tennis but its gotten to me. I tried to ignore it and that did not work at all. Other kids have stoped coming to play because of them. Have you ever had something like this happening? What did you do?
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    if you can prove it's them perhaps you and those they screwed need to give them a dose of their own medicine.

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    Fighting fire with fire is always one's first thought but I think after reading your passionate plea, that in this case the tactics would probably be better served for someone in charge to take care of. I'm certain the facilities you play at must have an adult around (correct?) you aren't playing Tennis or baseball completely unsupervised are you? Since I assume you are being supervised by someone, why is it that none of these adults have witnessed these actions?

    Collectively, all of you need to go to whomever is in charge and tell them what has been happening as a group effort. To retaliate is never a good option because things can get out of hand that way and if you do that, you could be the very one that gets caught.

    If speaking to the person who runs the tennis facility and the baseball club doesn't work, write a letter to the parents and have the other kids sign it, then mail it to their parents.
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