Hi tennis friends,

I have discovered a fun new way to enjoy tennis while sitting at the computer - go to www.radiotennis.com and register for free. You will be sent an e-mail alerting you whenever there is an upcoming webcast. I didn't think listening to tennis instead of watching it would be much fun, but it turns out to be a blast. The comentator, Ken Thomas, is really proficient at calling matches and making them exciting. It is actually very different than watching the TV in that you find yourself imagining the action from Ken's play-by-play. He has a great sense of the game and a great sense of humor, and he even plays rock and roll between sets and matches. He also has interviews with players, tournament sponsors and other individuals involved in the world of tennis. You will become familiar with tennis players and tournaments off the mainstream track - collegiate, NCAA, junior, satellite, etc. and great coverage of doubles which most of us play and love but which does't get much coverage. Ken welcomes listeners from all around the globe and invites everyone to e-mail him during the webcasts so he can acknowledge his worldwide audience. Perhaps this new way of experiencing tennis is only for diehards, but I suggest you try it out and decide for yourself. To hear an interview with Ken Thomas go to http://thetennispodcast.blogspot.com...en-thomas.html