Of all the Pro Players in recent years, it appears sometimes that Martina Hingis gets a lot of mention. This lady has a huge fan base and I often wonder why. Could it be that for her size and stamina, Martina Hingis was during her reign probably the best there ever was in the sport?

When you consider her approach to the game and again her lack of sheer power and physical stature, her technique was superb. I often think, had Steffi Graf, Martina Navratilova or even Monica Seles been as clever on the court as Hingis, each respectfully would have been even that more dominant. Steffi Graf would have easily surpassed Margaret Court's record of 24 Single Grand Slam Titles. Steffi was great for sure but in as much as I am a big fan of hers, I stop short of being able to say, she was masterful on the court. Steffi's biggest weapon was not her forehand as many would like to think, it was her athletic ability, whereas Martina Hingis couldn't necessarily claim speed as her crowning glory, she was the absolute best at getting the most of what she had to work with.

If you were to think of the most steady Players in the modern era, Hingis has to be mentioned either at the top or pretty darn close to the top of the list.
I wasn't a big fan of her overall attitude early on however like her or not, I couldn't deny the talent this young lady had. At their prime, I'd put my money on Hingis over Justine Henin and that's a huge statement because Justine in her prime was tremendous.

But this article I read today wasn't talking about Martina Hingis' greatness on the Tennis Court, this article was discussing Hingis' place on the roles of hottest (in terms of looks) female players. The Author of this article made claim that Hingis was the dark horse of sexy female players. Well I must say, I reserve that opinion because I guess I never found myself looking at her in that way for obvious reasons. So I thought, I'd ask the question here, are there any of you that consider Hingis as one of the most beautiful female Tennis Players on the Tour when she was active?