I read or I should say 'We' read countless endless commentary regarding 'The Best' as if we really truly want to finalize that question. Why would we wish to conclude who is or was the best in any given Sport? When you factor in Tournaments Won during which period in time against which Players on what surfaces, the equation becomes far to massive to calculate, so we go upon the easiest solution in front of us at this given time. Point being, HAD Roger Federer won Wimbledon and Nadal won the French this year, I suppose we could still consider FedEx the best but wait, as many have mentioned even on this Forum, unless Fed wins the French, you really are forced to withhold that anointment.

So therefore, we then disregard Roger's accomplishments in the past four years as we have Pete Sampras because of that nemesis Red Clay. But alas, we have Andre Agassi who did in fact win on that Red stuff and the Green stuff and the Rubber stuff and the Decoturf stuff as well. So is or was He the Best? No, because Andre took home a mere 8 Grand Slam Titles oh yeah and the Gold Medal. Surely no where near enough accomplishments to even mention his name in the same category as the Best. So accomplishments don't make it when you speak of the Best and the various surfaces don't matter, so what does matter?

Well the point is, what we are waiting for is that guy to come along and win not only on every surface the Pros play on but he must also win consistently against every top Player in the World for at least long enough to break certain records like Pete's 14 Slam Titles and Pete's 9 Wimbledon titles and he must wins 6 straight Wimbledon titles to break Borg's record and he needs to throw in the Gold Medal and win the Master's Series along with the year end Champion's Cup title, then after all of that has been accomplished, maybe we can start to have a serious conversation about the Best.

Rafa Nadal is the hot gun right now just like Djokovic was last year about this time but through it all, Roger Federer was still considered the man to beat and he will maintain that status no matter who is currently holding the #1 Ranking because no one has held that ranking more consistently than Roger Federer. In my opinion, he really is ..........