Alright I don't expect anyone to respond to this but if you happen to be watching the Federer / Stepanek Match, pay attention to Roger Federer's play compared to one year ago. I am going out on a limb and will say, be prepared for a possible 5 set match. And should this go 5 sets, you just might see Federer lose this match because Stepanek is a very good player capable of beating any top player on a given day.

Radek Stepanek is an all around player, very capable off the ground and excellent at the net. Off the ground, Federer is stronger, therefore Stepanek's best chance is to chip & charge as much as possible. Roger needs to finish this in straights or in four if possible.

I'm very concerned with Roger's level of confidence at this time. Should Federer feel he is vulnerable, it will open far too many doors for his opponents to attack him where they feared before.