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    Sep 2008

    Buyin a new racquet tomorrow...

    Gonna get the Babolat Aero Cortex...

    which string is the best?

    Last edited by Goonie; 09-24-2008 at 08:01 PM.

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    Lightbulb Survey Says............

    This is a tough questions as there are SO many makes and models of string available. The best string is the string that is best for you on several levels. Your playing level, style, spin level, racquet, string pattern, string breaker, and desired level of feel are all the things that come into play when selecting a string.

    The standard that all string is measured by is still Natural Gut(NG) as it has the best all around properties (feel, power, control, pocketing)except durability. If durabilty is your main objective, then Aramid/Kevlar is probably the best(in a hybrid with SG or NG). Then you have levels in between which include Poly and Nylon(Synthetic Gut[SG]) that run the range of very stiff(durable/low feel) to very soft (good feel/poor durability).

    You best bet would be to take a look at all of the ingredients that are mentioned here and write down what matters to you. Then look for a string that closely provides for those interests; in your budget and test away.

    My recommendations are my personal preferences and may not work for you but:

    • For Poly string try WeissCannon Silverstring or MSV Focus Hex (17g)
    • For SG string try Prince SG/w Duraflex or Gamma SG w/Wearguard or Tecnifibre X-1 BiPhase
    • For NG string try Babolat, Bow Brand or Pacific (each has a different feel)

    I have been testing this new Co-Poly string from WeissCannon called Explosiv and so far I am very impressed as it has the feel, power and control of a SG string but the durability of a Poly. So far very good. Best of luck in your search and most of all have fun.

    Cheers, TennezSport
    Yonex RDS002 Tour w/ WeissCANNON Explosiv @ 60/57
    Last edited by TennezSport; 09-25-2008 at 05:31 AM.

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    Feb 2008
    Nadal uses Babolat Hurricane Tour Pro...and octogonal shaped string on mains and crosses. I think it works for him. Roddick also uses this on mains but gut on the crosses.

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    Sep 2008
    thats the string I got, now I just need to get the tension right. It's goin to be strung tomorrow

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    Post Tension is key...............

    Tension on a particular string in a racquet is key, Rafa however does not use Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour(PHT). Rafa uses the old first generation, very harsh Babolat string called Duralast 15L, strung at 55lbs. This string is very stiff and has terrible tension control. You can only get Duralast in Europe or Asia as it's not sold in the USA.

    However, PHT is a much better string with better tension maintenance properties. I think you will enjoy this string if you are a big hitter. Getting the correct tension is key, so explain your game and style of play to your stringer and he/she should be able to help. Best of Luck(BoL)

    Cheers, TennezSport
    Yonex RDS002 Tour w/ WeissCANNON Explosiv @ 60/57
    Last edited by TennezSport; 09-29-2008 at 11:32 AM.
    Yonex RDS002 Tour w/ Tecnifibre X1 Biphase 17 @ 60/57

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    Sep 2008
    had it strung at 59 and man, am i impressed with it so far. loads of control with plenty of power/spin

    They actully knicked the paint on the top part with the stringin machine, and i bitched a little about it and they gave me 10% off, so bought the APDC for 165
    Last edited by Goonie; 09-28-2008 at 08:16 PM.

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