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    Looking to get a new racket (maybe)

    Right now I am playing with the Head TiS6. It is a fine raquet, the way the strings were when I bought it was too loose and it kept shifting after every point and it was just tiresome to have to keep adjusting them just to make them straight, only to have to do it again after another rally.

    So they finally snapped, I got the racket re-strung at a higher tension so hopefully it will not happen so often.

    The reason I was looking to possibly get a different racket was because I usually hit too with a full swing so it flies out of the baseline, then I try to take some off of it and it pops the net. It may be mechanics on my part, but I was thinking about demoing the wilson k blade team and the prince 03 red.

    Any of you guys use these rackets, have opinions on them? I main reason I bought the S6 was because it was really light, now Im not sure of the advantages of the lightest racket other than I can maneuver easier and its less straining on the arm. I know the other too a heavier, but not drastically.

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    how about going to your pro shop and demo some rackets? it's kind of hard to recommend.

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    Talking Tennis Gear Reviews

    I usually go to reviews. From there i look at what racquets have made EDITORS CHOICE
    I just picked up a wilson n5 (nice racquet) The racquet has to suit the power&swing speed you need though.
    That tis6 you have has sold the most of any racquet ever!!!
    But if you look at the reviews of it they are in 2 camps (LOVE&HATE)

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    As a tennis pro i am in the HATE camp of the TiS6 for several reasons... first off the racquet is too light!!! second it is too powerful!!!! third they don't make it anymore!!!(for good reason too!!)

    If you are hitting hard enough to break strings you should be in a better, heavier racquet... try anything in the wilson line with the word Team in it (SixOne Team, Blade Team, Zen Team-cheap at tennis warehouse... look for something in the mid 10 oz weight range strung...also balance is important...if it's head light you can get away with a little more stationary weight, try to stay towards a head light to even balance frame, as generally these racquets offer the most room for growth and customization...
    i know somebody else said demo....that's the best advice ever try before you buy!!!
    i assume you are a newer player and probably only purchasing one frame, because of that skip the internet, support a local retailer, a specialty shop is your best friend here...make sure they have a demo program (most will apply any demo fees towards the purchase of the racquet)... don't take anyone's word for it... everyone has different preferences and remember only you have to play with it... a specialty retailer can point you in the right direction as can a teaching pro but in my experience the player has to make the final call...
    choosing a new racquet is fun and exciting, don't skip the demo process, don't take shortcuts, finding the right frame can change your game for the better!!!!

    OH YEAH ONE MORE THING... don't spend $200 on a new racquet and stick with the complimentary string job, that would be like putting $50 tires on your new ferrari!! budget for a premium string, it's well worth the $10-20 difference!!

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