It is my belief one does not necessarily need to have acquired notable accomplishments and/or documentation from accredited formal training in order to be an effective coach in anything less more Tennis. I have many friends who could in fact have a successful day coaching a NCAA Level Football Team during an actual game given their overall knowledge of the Sport. Yes, we refer to those as 'Armchair Quarterbacks' but make light as one will, Sports has become far more than a past time even across the gender spectrum.

Below are a few questions that I gathered to basically test your knowledge of Tennis in the Professional & College Arena. You think you really know the game, well let's see.

1. When are you allowed to coach during matches given the rules of that (*)Tournament allows coaching?
a. At anytime you deem it necessary
b. Only after a match is over
c. During changeovers only
d. In between Set changes
e. Only on the College Circuit
f. Only on the Pro Circuit
g. None of the above

* Country Competitions & Team Tennis are excluded in this question i.e. Fed Cup / Davis Cup

Who is allowed to provide coaching?

a. Head Coach only
b. Head Coach & Assistant
c. Coaches & Teammates
d. Parents & Coaches
e. Parents Only

Coaching consist only of ... ?
a. Technical Advice
b. Strategy Only
c. Inspiration (Pep Talk)