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    Jan 2008

    Finishing over the same shoulder?

    Hi all,

    In the latest of Oscar's DVDs, he mentions that there are basically 3 finishes to a typical forehand stroke: 1) over the opposite shoulder 2) "windshield-wiper" across the body and also 3) over the SAME shoulder.

    I have found as I have played more tennis and developed more forceful strokes, there was a progression from mainly over the opposite (left) shoulder finishes to a lower "windshield-wiper" finish (ending around my left hip).

    Now, I have found myself hitting more and more forehands which finish over the same (right) shoulder. I believe this is sometimes called the "reverse forehand" or the "over-the-head" finish. Today, I made a conscious effort to count what finish I was using on my forehand and over 80% were of this "over-the-head" type.

    The results I am producing are a tremendous amount of topspin and good power but I am wondering if there is anything wrong with such a strong preference for this type of forehand finish? I note that Oscar/MTM typically teach the standard "over the opposite shoulder finish", followed by the WW finish. Some people I play with have remarked that my forehand looks "strange", "uncomfortable", "surely not good for your arm" etc.

    Should I consciously try to scale this back and revert back to the standard finish?


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    Dec 2007
    whatever works for you, stick with it. but it always good to keep the old strokes handy. ever tried playing like fabrice santoro? no two strokes are the same. just drives his opponents nuts!!!

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    Reverse Forehand

    The "reverse forehand" isn't new (Davenport, for instance), but Nadal has really popularized it. Other pros also use it but less conspicuously than Rafa. For me, it has helped develop more height, depth and accuracy with lobs.
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    Jan 2008
    Ditto, Tennis Angel, I think I initially started using it when throwing up lobs. It seemed to put more topspin on them which helped even very high lobs stay in play.

    My recent "observation" though is that I am now using this reverse forehand on almost ALL forehand shots (exception seems to be on short, mid-court putaways where I use a WW finish). I am using the reverse forehand as my standard rallying forehand? I am not arguing with the results (my forehand is my best shot by a long way) but wonder if only playing this type of reverse forehand to the exclusion of all else is good for the development of my tennis game?


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    Reverse Forehand Addiction

    I know what you mean about using the reverse forehand often - it just feels really great to use that stroke, and it looks pretty cool. However, at Oscar's suggestion I have broken the habit of using it too much. He told me it's OK to use it as long as you are doing so deliberately and with control. The windshield wiper and over-the-shoulder finishes are such effective weapons, however, that getting fixated on the one forehand stroke would seem to limit your arsenal. I do use it as an "emergency" shot if I get jammed deep by the fence on high balls, but this is because I can control my shot better in that instance, precicely what Oscar recommended.
    How good can your game get? You too can play like the Pros with The Wegner Method.
    Discuss The Wegner Method here at TW in the MTM forum or visit for more info.

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    Jul 2007
    I, too have been at times finishing over the same shoulder. It is always on high balls, and it is a great "counter shot" when pushed deep. It helps keep my opponent back so that I can get back into position. Some of my other tennis friends say's it is unorthodox, but very effective. Obviously, they have not been watching many of the pros use it!

    It is so cool to be be able to watch a pro play (and know it is not only okay, but recommended) and try to emulate what he/she is doing, then go back to Oscar's book or cd's and see he has covered it. Back in the "day", I would watch the pros on tv and wish that someday I would be able to play like them, now I AM starting to play like them!! (of course, for you skeptics, I am NOT saying as GOOD as them, there is a difference!). I don't need a pro's talent to play LIKE them, only to play as GOOD as them. Some people just can't seem to see the difference. Oh sorry, gotta go back out to the court and work on my footwork!

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