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    Sep 2004
    New England

    Calif. * Please Vote YES on PROP 2

    California is my Home and I'm making a plea for any Member of to Vote [YES] on Proposition 2.

    There are many Activist issue I not only pay close attention to also give my Time & Money to. I will say however when it comes to Animals, I pay particular attention to the outcome of initiatives that articulate the need for Humans to stop mistreating Animals and start thinking of Animals as living breathing lives that not only contribute to the balance of our Planet but are also very beautiful and fascinating to behold regardless of the Species.

    There are far too many people that consider animals as void of feelings and lack a Soul as we apparently have. I have seen people strike and injure animals simply for enjoyment. Personally, I only need to see someone hurt an animal once and I'll never see that person do it again. But I can't be everywhere at all times.

    PROPOSITION 2 simply suggest that those who have made their livelihood raising animals for their bi-product such as meat, are at least treated with respect, dignity and humanly slaughtered if their meat is what they are being raised for. For those animals that are not being raised for their meat, they should not be allowed to live their entire life confined in an enclosure that restricts them from moving around and stretching their limbs in order to simply live their confined lives in comfort.

    If you think making a charge that it is probable that the meat you are consuming could possibly have come from so-called farmers who subject animals to conditions that can not be considered anything less than inhuman then I contend, it is your duty to VOTE YES on PROP 2
    For all of my California Brothers & Sisters please take a little more time to read the Propositions on the Ballot and Vote YES on Prop 2.

    Thank You
    Last edited by Coach; 10-29-2008 at 06:23 PM.

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    Bless your soul Coach, I will definitely vote on that. World needs more human like you.

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    May 2003
    I'm not a very religious person, but I do believe in the statement 'we are all God's children' and that it includes all forms of life on this planet. Even though survival means that some must consume others, I do feel that the time spent alive should not be forced in such conditions. I haven't read the full text of "proposition 2" but it does sound to be a good thing.

    I just would not support it on the federal level for a very specific reason: no constitutional authority. This should remain a states right issue. Network Administrator

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    Sep 2004
    New England
    I'm pleased to announce my Home State Voters, passed Proposition 2.
    What disappoints me is this measure won't take effect until 2015. That's an additional 7 years of abuse towards animals. I've noticed over the years, whenever a measure is put in place to protect any entity that can not represent themselves, it's never an immediate transformation.

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    May 2003
    This is good news! Network Administrator

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    Proposition 2

    Hi. I live in Australia and wish I could vote in support of the proposition.
    Please support our fellow member and help all the beautiful and innocent animals. They need our help.

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    Sep 2004
    New England
    This Thread is no longer 'Sticky' which simply means given the Proposition has passed, so to speak, it is no longer an active issue. The reason I chose not to remove it is due to the nature of its' content - that is the care & concern about how Animals are threated here in the USA and Abroad.

    As a Race of Beings, we Humans truly need to grasp a better understanding of the Balance of Nature. Somewhere during the Dawn of the Industrial Age, Free Trade Agreements and Global Marketing, many sought to take advantage of Species that can not compete against our Destructive Technology.

    Personally I find the need for such a Proposition nothing more than a testament to what we've become. One would like to believe through our advancement, we would take a moment to consider what is truly important for the survival for all inhabitants of this Planet. We speak of co-existence but in those considerations, we are seeking ways for humans to find ways of getting along with other humans.

    I'm hoping I hear before I die, serious debate on what it will take for learned minds to find ways of providing for a never ending consumption driven society, food and by-products without the need to eliminate species. If anyone of you happen to know anyone who thinks owning an Ashtray made of a Gorilla's Hand or has a desire for pure Ivory Piano Keys because they feel the tonality is far better than any synthetic materials we've substituted or wants to wear real Fur instead of Fake Fur, take the opportunity to educate that person if you will.

    !. Animals have an Anatomy much like our own. They feel pain & discomfort very much as we do. When you strike an animal, it hurts. There is absolutely no pleasure that should be derived from the cruelty of animals.

    2. Try as hard as you can to recycle plastic. If there isn't a Recycling facility in your area, then start one. Aside from the tens of thousands of years it takes for plastic to decompose, it is also made from petroleum which we do not have a never ending supply of. God isn't making anymore Dinosaurs, therefore once Natural Oil Deposits are gone, that's about it ... Of course this won't happen during the lifetime of anyone who could be reading this now but take a good look at a child who was born today or tomorrow, what kind of World will they inherit?

    3. The American Indian, upon killing a Buffalo, would wipe the blood of that Buffalo across his face and pay homage to it's Life. The Indians honored the Buffalo for it's sacrifice and only killed what was needed for their village to survive. I know men who hunt and I have no problem with these Hunters. For each of them kill only what they eat and obey the Hunting Laws. Their argument is sound, in that they do not go to the Market and buy prepared meat all cut & wrapped. One person I know told me, it's far too impersonal that way. You go to the Store and see a package of choice cut beef, which you buy for your household. You take it home and cook it either on the Stove or a Grill, adding seasoning or other garnishments and then everyone sits and some will Give thanks to our Lord for the food we are about to eat.
    I've often wondered what we are Thanking God for at that moment? Are we honoring the sacrifice that Animal made to feed our family? Or are we Thanking God for the money we had in order to buy this meat?

    4. Stop polluting our Water (period)

    5. Think about the trash that you toss out the window of your car and why is it so important to do that when you can easily wait until you are somewhere that you can dispose of this waste in a receptacle.

    6. Air Pollution has become a serious issue on our Planet. I saw a program not too long ago on the Discovery Channel, where they showed the Polar Ice Caps melting and there were these Polar Bears not having the land mass they need to hunt anymore. The Greenhouse Gases which are trapped in our Ozone layers are infact causing Global Climate changes that are going to end this Planet as we know it and each of us can do very small things to help.

    Each of us must make a decision to take these issues seriously or this Planet will die and all living creatures will die as a result. This is not Star Trek, this is a real problem that we face and these problems start with something as simple as how we treat our environment and how we treat our animals.

    Thank You for you time ..

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    I literally couldn't put it any better Coach and I have been a journalist for 25 years. I fear there are not enough people listening and that the pursuit of money/pleasure etc has created nations of pretty terrible people.
    There are minorities of course who do care but we/they are being submerged by the rest.
    The planet is groaning and letting us know it isn't happy. And animals being treated appallingly.
    They are exploited in every way, then on top of that, there are so many instances of cruelty for "sport" or for "fun".
    So sad.
    Thanks for taking the time for your post. I am sure it's not time that's been wasted.

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