The book power of full engagement tries to draw some lessons from the Tennis world and explores how it can be applied to the corporate world. It says that because energy diminishes both with overuse and underuse, we must balance energy expenditure with intermittent energy renewal.Following a period of activity, the body must replenish fundamental, biochemical sources of energy.Taking the example of Ivan lendl, the book explains how he used to recalibrate his energy, calm his physiology and center his attention by doing certain rituals before serving- wiping his brow, knocking his racquet against heels, bouncing the balls four times , visualizing what he intended to do etc.The book then explains how similar rituals can be developed for the corporate world.

Another section of the book states how Tennis players use the interim rest period for reducing their heart beats(I think it mentioned 20 beats per minute). I suppose this can be done by deep breathing. If somebody can add to how one can conserve energy, I shall appreciate it greatly.