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    Sep 2004
    New England

    I'm going to make it official ...

    Congratulations to our 44th President Elect Barack H. Obama (D) Illinois

    Also I'd like to congratulate the Democrats in their House & Senate gains. You are now in control of our Government and once the last article of glitter falls, the Country will begin to look upon you to deliver on all your Campaign promises. You'll now have 4 years to show America that you are more than one who can deliver eloquent rhetoric.

    May God Bless America and long live our new President of the United States of America, Barack Obama

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    Talking Passion

    Well its good to be passionate. I hope he delivers for you

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    Letís all pray and hope that today, we the people, have changed the future and the direction of our nation, letís hope and pray that our next persistent will keep his campaignís promises and put an end to war, hostilities, killing and not only brings peace and prosperity to our nation but promote peace and prosperity all around the world.
    Letís all pray that world will be a better place to live, letís pray that we all realize that an ounce of peace and love is more powerful than any weapon of mass destruction., I coordinately invite you to watch this video called ď Pray with meĒ at the below link:

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    Sep 2004
    New England
    Quote Originally Posted by haretrigger View Post
    Well its good to be passionate. I hope he delivers for you
    I offer my congrats to Barack Obama & the Democrats for the accomplishment however that is not to suggest this is what I wished to emerge from this day. Now that it is what it is, as Tennisteen suggest, we are going in a different direct by the sheer nature of the occasion.

    Whether that direction will prove to be good or bad is to be seen. I suppose in just knowing I lived long enough to witness a Black Man become President of the United States, is pretty cool. Now I truly hope to live long enough to witness a Woman as Commander in Chief, that is when I will know for certain, this Country is truly weeding out its' old ways of thinking.

    Tonight was a mandate sadly against George Bush. We elected a man who was clearly not qualified for that role and then we added insult to injury by re-electing him. I often think, forget George Bush, what does that say about Al Gore & John Kerry?

    I promised myself I would never divulge my hopes during this entire process but it doesn't matter anymore at this point. I firmly believe, Hillary Clinton, was far & away the best choice of all the Candidates running for President. Unfortunately for her, the Network Media was against her from the beginning and it only proves to me as it did years ago, whomever the Media likes is who gets elected because they have a way of brainwashing the Nation with its' constant barrage of subliminal support.

    Well I feel the most appropriate quote for this moment is, Be careful of what you wish for because you just might get it

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    Talking Passion

    My passion lies with your last comment.

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    May 2003
    I wish Barack Obama the best of luck, although I am very skeptical about him actually holding true to much of what he promised. Politicians generally have a knack for breaking promises.

    Obama & McCain, in my opinion, were not the best of the options available to us.

    Hillary Clinton was way better than both of them, in my opinion. Coach, you're right about the media - although I don't think they turned on her until a good way into the campaign.

    In regards to all candidates, though, my support was firmly with Ron Paul. The GOP rallied behind the wrong candidate. Interest in Ron Paul far surpassed any of the other Republicans up until Fox News denied him from being part of their debate back in early January. Google trends provides some very interesting info. Network Administrator

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    Apr 2006
    UK - Surrey
    Having our Son who lives in USA I wish the Country well now that is about to have a new President.

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