Devised by Kieron Vorster, it takes you from basic fitness and stretching, onto the finer points of fancy footwork, forehand and volleying.

Day 1: stretches and strength

Start each session with some simple stretching exercises.

Basic stretch routine: Begin with triceps stretches for each arm.
Begin with tricep stretches

Then roll arms forward and back ten times. Stretch quadriceps (thigh muscles).

Finally stretch calves and hamstrings by planting both feet on ground and leaning forward. Hold this position for ten seconds - don't bounce, or you'll strain your muscles

Building strength: Press-ups

Beginners should cross their feet
Kneel down, and - if you're a beginner, cross your feet at the ankles. Learn forward and put your palms down on the mat to begin.

Go down, up and back on to your haunches. Then increase the number of times you go down and up from one through to five and back again, before returning to your haunches.

If you're advanced, you can do this in full press-up position.

Building strength: Tricep Dips

You could use a stool for tricep dips
Use a bench, chair or stool. Sit on the bench with your knees bent and your arms beside you supporting your weight.

Lower your bottom off the bench towards the floor and then bring it back up, so you're sitting on the bench again.

As before, begin by lowering your bottom once, then increase up to four times and back down to one again.


Day 2: movement

Today the focus is on movement. Stand in the ready position - knees bent with your hands on your hips, and remember to keep your back straight.

Movement: Forehand/backhand

Keep your back straight
Take a couple of steps to the side and practice a forehand movement. Return to the middle and do the same thing five times. Then, taking a couple of steps to the side, practice a backhand.

Do this five times. Take a 10 second rest. Next take two steps to one side and hit and two steps to the other side and hit. Do this five times and take a 10 second rest.

Movement: Smash

Touch the ground before smashing
Next stand in the ready position and take a couple of steps forwards - bend your knees and touch the ground. Stand up and take a couple of steps backwards and jump in the air to hit a smash. Do this five times and take a 10 second rest.

Stand in the ready position and move your feet very quickly shuffling forwards and backwards and then side to side. Do this for 20 seconds and take a 10 second rest.

Movement: Abdominals

Twisting crunch, left arm to right knee

Next you'll need a mat or a towel. Lie flat on your back and put your hands behind your head. Next do sit-ups in the crunch position to work the oblique muscles in your sides.

Adopt the crunch position with legs raised then with your hands behind your neck twist with your left elbow towards your right knee, then right elbow towards left knee - do 20 repetitions.

Next cross your right leg over your left knee. Lift your left elbow up to the right knee concentrating and moving in an arc and do the same on the opposite side. Do two sets of 10 on each side and then take a rest.


Day 3: circuit training

In today's workout, Kieron looks at circuit training. There are four basic exercises to do today: Running Squats, Row Boats, Straight Leg Raises and Squats.

Circuit training: Running squats

Concentrate on your breathing

Put your hands on the ground in front of you shoulder width apart. Run on the spot bringing your feet as close to your chest as possible.

Don't forget to concentrate on your breathing. Do 10 of these and then take a rest.

Circuit training: Row boats

Bring your knees up to your chest

Sit on the mat with your hands either side of your buttocks to support your weight.

Keeping your feet together lift them off the ground and bend your knees - bringing your feet up towards your body and pulling your knees in towards your chest.

Keep your breathing consistent. Do 10 of these and take a rest.

Circuit training: Straight leg raises

Place hands under buttocks

Lie on your back on the mat. Place your hands, palm down, under your buttocks to support your back.

Then, keeping your legs straight, raise them off the floor a little. (Remember to take special care here if you have a back problem and don't push yourself too hard.

If you feel any pain you must stop). Do 10 of these and take a rest.

Circuit training: Squats

Stay on your toes and explode upwards

Stand up with your feet apart and knees bent.

Put your hands behind your head and jump up into the air.

Do 10 of these and take a rest. Repeat all four exercises again remembering to take a two minute rest between them.


Day 4: leg strength

Today's tennis fitness session focuses on leg strength.

Leg strength: Lunges

Make sure your back leg touches the ground

Put your hands on your hips with feet together. To do forward lunges, take a step forward and bend your back leg so it just touches the ground.

Then push up and return to the standing position. Do the same thing with your other leg and repeat this five times on each side. Remember to keep your back straight at all times.

Take a 30 second rest.

Leg strength: Burpees

Bend your knees and push back

Next it's time for what's known as burpees. For the beginner, put your hands on the ground with fingers taking most of the weight (ie not palm-down) then put your feet out behind you with toes touching the ground.

Push up with your feet, almost hopping towards your hands. Then stand up straight. Do this again five times.

Leg strength: Advanced burpees

Bring your knees forward and jump up

For the more advanced version do the same thing but instead of just standing up - you have to leap or jump up into the air.

Then repeat the exercise five times. Make sure you take a 30 second rest before moving on to the next exercise.

Leg strength: The plank

Hold your tummy in for 10 to 30 seconds

Now it's time for some sit-ups. For this you'll need a mat or a towel. These type of sit-ups are known as the plank. (If you suffer from back problems you should not do this exercise).

Lie down with your hands together - palms and fingers touching - and elbows out to the side. Your forearms should be flat on the mat and should support your weight as you raise yourself off the ground - toes touching the floor and back straight as if you were a plank.

Do not bend your back or raise your bottom - keep as straight as possible. Hold this position off the ground for 10 seconds and then rest back down on the mat. Try this again building up to a 30 second hold and take a 30 second rest between each attempt.

If you find this difficult do not push yourself and try something easier.


Day 5: speed

Today the focus is on speed - essential for any player who wants to raise their game.

Speed: Shuttle run

Shuttle run: make sure you bend your knees

Place two markers 10 metres apart. The idea is to sprint continuously between them.

Start by the first marker, bend your knees and reach down to touch it. Spring up and sprint over to the other one, bending down to touch it. Remember to keep your back straight and bend with your knees.

When you've running between them for 30 seconds take a 30 second rest.

Speed: Running on the spot

Run on the spot for 15 seconds, rest for 15 seconds

Next it's running on the spot. Keeping your back straight, run on the spot bringing your knees as high as possible.

Remember to use your arms as if you were sprinting. Do this for 15 seconds and then stop for 15 seconds. Repeat four times unless you're a beginner in which case just repeat it twice.