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    Sep 2004
    New England

    This Is Not A Drill ...

    I tried to think of something intriguing or demonstrative to write in order to fully illustrate my feelings on this topic and all that I could come up with is ....

    "It very hard to be a Dallas Cowboy Fan"

    If you want to know what's wrong with this Team, I can sum it up in two words [Jerry Jones]

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    A tough day for the Cowboys. Maybe a problem with team chemistry. It's hard to win in this league if everyone is not on the same page.

    Meanwhile, my Ravens made it to the playoff. I hope they do some damage in Miami. It's a winnable game, IMO.

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    Sep 2004
    New England
    You see the thing is, I like a lot of Teams in the NFL. Basically I hate every Team in the NFC East other than my Cowboys. But really I don't even like the Cowboys anymore. I haven't since Troy Aikman was QB, Emmit was RB, Haley was D-Captain, Ervin was WR and Jimmy Johnson was HC although any true Dallas Fan adored Landry, as did I.

    You know you're a real Fan when you still consider yourself a Fan of a losing Organization. During the Switzer era, I couldn't even watch them play but flipped back to them every once in awhile if I knew their game was being televised.

    Jerry Jones - probably contrary to many opinions, is not a good judge of men. He's a guy who has too much money. Generally people with too much money don't spend their money wisely.

    The Dallas Cowboys would be a Championship Franchise if they would adjust the following:

    1. Get a better defensive team - or
    2. Get a better defensive coordinator
    3. Get a better offensive line that can actually protect the QB - or
    4. Get a better offensive coordinator. Some would argue that Jason Garret is probably one of the best Offensive Coordinators in the Game but I would argue, if he is, he hasn't demonstrated that ability as of late. It's easy to say someone is great when they are winning but I haven't actually seen them win too much in the past several years.
    5. Get a Head Coach that truly understands the game
    6. Get a Head Coach that refuses to be Head Coach if Jerry Jones interferes in operations of their game plans
    7. Get rid of Roy Williams asap
    8. Get rid of Terrell Owens - yes I said it. He's more hype than substance in my opinion. There are some excellent WR's coming out of College. Grab one of them, pay them peanuts until they produce and allow them to grow with a Team that is still growing.

    Then the Dallas Cowboys might become a good football team .

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    Dec 2007
    too many yes men on the coaching staff. that's why parcells left.

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    Apr 2006
    UK - Surrey
    Hi, who is Parcells and what happened ?

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    Sep 2004
    New England
    I happen to catch a tv show called Center Stage about an hour ago. I've never watched this Program before so I cant' speak on what it's all about but based on what I witnessed, it seems to be very much like The Actor's Studio where some Star comes on and talks about their life as an Actor, etc.

    Well anyway, Jerry Jones was the Guest on Center Stage but based on the questions being asked, I'm certain it was taped several months back because he referred to issue in the present tense that are old news now, like the Host asked why he signed Adam 'Pacman' Jones which we all know has since been released by the Cowboys.

    So to the point, Jerry Jones is sitting there getting one softball question from the Audience after another and giving not real truthful reply.

    Example: He was asked why did he fire Tom Landry upon taking over as the Cowboy's new Owner. His response was, he thought since he was now the new Owner of the Team, he felt he had an opportunity to build the Team from the bottom up as he envisioned it to be. Well I might have bought that crap if he hadn't retained almost every Player on the Team. So what Jerry Jones refers to as rebuilding only meant, he got rid of arguably one of the best Coaches in NFL History because Dallas wasn't big enough for anyone getting glory aside from him.

    He also made comments that Barry Switzer was one of the most intelligent Coaches he's ever met. Ok for anyone here who might have a fair amount of knowledge about the Dallas Cowboys, you know that Barry Switzer might be a fairly good NCAA Coach but in the NFL, he was horrible. He took a Back to back Superbowl winning Team and changed their Playbook to suit his way of thinking which marked the beginning of the longest losing drought the Cowboys have had. Their last Super Bowl win was actually with Barry Switzer only because Switzer kept Jimmy Johnson's design in tack when he came on board but the next year, Switzer decided to fix that which was not broken and hence the Cowboys have yet to win a Playoff game starting from that point in the late 90's.

    The greatest thing that could happen for the Cowboys is for Jones to sell the Team or simply allow someone to manage the team instead of him if winning is still something he might wish to do someday.

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