Hello, I am a new member and I am happy to be here.

I am a huge fan of Roger Federer. I think of him not only as the greatest tennis player than has ever lived, but also as a very complete, rounded individual. What attracted me to Roger is not just his incredible grace and skill on court, but his impeccable professional behavior in his public and private life. He has a foundation to help less unfortunate people; he doesn't look down on others; he is graceful and composed with the press. He is truthfully a prince and a champ like no other.

2008 was not the best year for Roger, and like many other fans, I have suffered with him every single defeat. I got to thinking, however, how the press and tennis commentators and other tennis enthusiast tend to discount Roger and count him down. This creates an atmosphere of defeat and apprehension which builds up agreement that perhaps, Roger won't come back; that his better days are over.

I want to emphasize the fact that this agreement and this thinking does not help. To assist Roger in regaining his rightful position, we, his fans, must believe firmly in Roger and counter any idea or agreement that he won't recover from this non-stellar period in his career. I believe in Roger, not only because I am a fan, but because a person who has so much grace and dignity as Roger has, will inevitable conquer and reign on top.

Roger needs our unconditional belief and support. He has mine, and whether 2009 or not becomes the year of full recovery, I know that in the long run, Roger will be fully victorious again.

I am simply proud of having had the chance to live in the same era as Roger. He has, single-handedlly brought new grace and color to the tennis world. Roger is an example of what living simply, fully and with joy is all about, and he has also taught us what a man with grace can accomplish.

More power to you Roger. In my eyes, there is no other champ like you!

Pablo Lobato