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    Join Date
    Jan 2009
    You use the internet to make a brilliant marketing out of an extremely bad product.
    I will use the internet to make sure that as many people on the planet as possible are aware of my experience.
    I will simply state the facts and they can make up their own mind...

    I am not saying that your place is bad. I am saying it s bad for the money you are charging people.
    As I told you we get this in our tennis club for 250 euros a week not 1,800..
    And i totally believed that you wanted to help..Why would you? How do you know me?
    But I have now to make sure that honest and realistic tennis parents (with limited tennis budgets) do not fall into the same trap
    as i did....
    I would not bring my kids back to your place even if it was for free for ever...
    In fact I have found the correct place for my children A place that they could offer them whatever they could without exaggerations or lies.
    In my previous email i had asked you to return to me half of the money that I spent in your place (which i think is more than fair)
    and i will try and forget about my bad experience at your place.
    But I am not bothered now. You can keep all the money ...
    But I ll promise you one thing.
    Every court Im next to when my kids are playing either in Britain or abroad , I will make sure that I share
    my experience about your place with as many tennis people as i possibly can.
    Last edited by yannis; 04-01-2009 at 09:31 AM. Reason: names

  2. #17
    Yannis; Iím glad you are posting your experience with these scam artists and totally corrupt people in here, I wish all parents were doing the same things. These people with no shame using the internet, and other medias for fake advertising, they are sell the desperate parents a fake dream,

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    Jan 2009
    Fabien please. I have told you before, you are not talking to x's mum or to
    the guy from Guatheloupe. You told me (and ive got it written down in an email) that my kids
    will train with world class players and we come there to see someone from Guatheloupe and a girl from
    New Zealand that can hardly hit 2 backhands in a row...
    Most of the things that are mentioned in your website are simply lies. You show this Baghdatis video at the start
    and you think I am going to fall for it... Your purpose (not personally yours, but the people who you are reporting to) is one.
    To make as much money as possible out of children with rich parents promising them things about rising players and all these rubbish so that you can support all the players that are living on site and Patrick believes they are good enough.. so that they
    can train and live there for free at the expense of all the other ones that they are living their dream about
    being Like Baghdatis.. Who these ones are going to be, Patrick has already decided...
    All the rest that are coming there, are paying for the ones that Patrick has decided.
    And as i have told you before, I dont have a problem with this... But you can not tell me (and Vincent especially)
    that my daughter has got potential and then offering me 100 Euros off from her next training camp.
    This is not even the taxi to the airport one way...Your bosses are after quick money to support the proper training
    of your rising players..You are after quick profit and I find your whole approach totally unethical..
    I had spent 5 months arranging this trip, and I did explain to you from the very start in every detail my problem.

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    Jan 2009
    Even my son's report had the wrong name on it!!!!

  5. #20
    I am going to this academy in a few weeks and have done all the arrangments to be there for a week, can you tell me more about your bad experience?

  6. #21

    My experience on the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy

    Hi Janis I had read your complains, but I have to say you are absolutly wrong!
    I'm here at the Academy at the moment with my 7 years old daughter for only one week
    (I wish I can stay more) and so far our 3 days we spend so far were great! amazing results
    in only 3 days! I don't really care about the report, video analisys or the money you complain
    about, the professionalism of the staff are uncomparable, nobody can work at this level back
    in California with my kid, and I have a video I'm putting together to show everybody the results.
    The problem is that some kids are here because the parents force them and they don't
    seems to be interest on taking advantage of the training but my kid is here to learn as much as
    possible. Yesterday she was sore like other kids, because the physical is intense I asked Fabien
    to let her rest the afternoon but Mika (my daughter) didn't want to and went back to play matches
    with the coach, I have the video of coach givin instruction and playing with her and was unbelievable
    the results and everything she is learning in only a few hours.
    I'm glad we came here I highly recommend the Mouratoglou Academy but only if the players are
    serious about tennis.
    One more thing, you said the kids played monopoly at night? what is wrong with that? what do you want
    them to do play tennis?
    Complaining about the price of a fanta? please you are so cheap!

    Luis N. Perez

  7. #22

    Video of Mouratoglou tennis academy

    Hi all, here is the video I took on the Academy as I promisse, our experience was great, no complains so far, please take a look before you go there:


  8. #23
    Join Date
    Mar 2009
    I know many people who went there and they all seemed quite happy,
    I don't get it, what's the problem with it?
    Why am I fighting to live, if I'm just living to fight
    Why am I trying to see, when there aint nothing in sight
    Why am I trying to give, when no one gives me a try
    Why am I dying to live, if I'm just living to die?
    -Tupac Shakur

  9. #24


    Well the only complain I heard is about the food, but beside that they looks really serious about the training, at Sanchez Academy they have more fun but at Mouratoglou is only tennis, if you show and attitude and interest in getting your game they will help you, they will work with you to make it happend, nice people there.

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