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Thread: Wilson choices

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    Smile Wilson choices

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering if I can get some opinions.

    What do people think of the Wilson K Sting and Wilson K Blade Team racquets?

    Are they good choices for a player of moderate ability?

    Finally what is the opinion about Wilson racquets generally?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Talking Wilson sting

    I have heard that Wilson Sting is a bit tinny. WILSON racquets as with most racquet compaines put out some good ones and, ones that fade into the black hole of offending tennis racquets.
    Again check out tennis warehouse U.S. they have great tools for judging racquets.

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    Thanks haretrigger,

    Your input, as always, is valuable and much appreciated. Will do more homework on the Sting.

    Have you heard anything about the K Blade Team? I've been told the Tour may be a better all-round racquet.

    Thanks and cheers

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    Talking Yes i can

    I did hear something on Tennis Ware house forum. Paul just register there andtype in the racquet you are looking at. They even have new tools to determine the spin potential of one racquet compared to another. Do register for the forums because a lot of players comment on those racquets. I just cant remember what racquet got the thumbs up


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    Thanks Haretrigger,

    You are full of good information as always.
    And can I ask mate - what is a lobster ball machine? (pardon my ignorance).


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    Talking Lobster is red

    I am sorry i get wrapped up in research and, forget that when i find something i forget i didn,t know much about them before the research.
    I wanted to get a ball machine to make my practice more directed to making stronger shots. Such as no one will hit you 150 lobs or volleys without complaint. You can work on placement or power without being concerned with hitting back to a partner. Its like a more refined version of the wall.
    LOBSTER is the best made ball machine and the most expensive. All work is done in their factory and no work is outsourced.
    As we live in Australia we pay more. So i bought the best brand but the model 1 step up from the base model. what sells for $1100.00 U.S. I paid $2895.00 AUD (I did receive a couple of incentive offers to close the deal)
    By the way thetennis shop is selling DUNLOP AEROGEL TOUR 500 for $149.00 AUD (NICE RACQUET) if your interested

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    Dear Haretrigger,

    You are such an enthusiast - I love it. I am too but don't have as much time as I'd like.
    I also bet on tennis with the help of a tennis website called Tennis Insight.

    So I watch it, play it, and bet on it. It's fantastic. I love it. Glad to see you do too.

    Will definately look you up for a hit when we come to the Coast. You will kill me but so be it.

    Thanks for the racquet tip too - will check it out.


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    Oct 2008
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    Is a pro racket, good luck with it if your not a Pro!!

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    Thanks Elitennis.

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    Talking Yes & no

    The DUNLOP 500 TOUR is used by a couple of pros
    Jammie Murry Alica Molik also i think Almegro. Dunlop rates their racquets on the 100 benchmark The 100, 200, 300, are all as you would (pro racquets)
    The 400 is borderline Performance (PRO) the 500 tour is crossing over in the Performance (PRO) to POWER level. If you look at their Cardboard cover thats on all good racquets you can see this chart. I am almost tempted to get 1 myself as prices are down. I have four personal racquets and 2 Jenro racquets i am selling on the bay so if i bought this my wife would kill me. I have hit with the 500 & 500 tour they are both really special!!
    As ILENDL was looking at racquets in the same type of play level i thought & still think it is worth a look

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    Thanks for the info haretrigger. Will check them out.
    The K Blade98 has also been recommended to me but I'm not sure I'm up to it - I will demo it anyway.

    Cheers mate.

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    Talking Amart

    I have a friend who strings my racquets. He just bought a aerogel 300 for $130.00 AUD. I had about 10 balls with it this morning and its nice. I still like the power of the 500 more but, a lot of good deals coming up with Dunlop as the new models are comming out.
    Can you demo many racquets in TASSIE?

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    Hi haretrigger,

    Sounds fun. Let me know how it goes.

    You are much better off with demos up there than we are but it's not too bad.

    By the way, what do you think of the Wilson K Blade 98?


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    Talking Specs wrong for me

    It has a 20mm beam which means you have to generate your own power.I think thats fine but i would want more weight in the racquet if i had to do that on a low powered frame. I guess the other thing is that i hate a 18x20 string pattern. On a small head 16x18 really helps with spin & kick (IMO)
    DO you look at specs when you buy because they are important to me

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    Hi haretrigger,

    I've actually read conflicting reports on the power issue with some saying it's got plenty and others saying it requires you to generate plenty of your own.

    For a player of my standard though I kinda think tending toward control is the way to go.

    Any view on that mate?


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