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    Heyy, names Alicia

    Im from scotland, 15 years old, I play tennis to a pretty high level. One of the best in my country.

    Heres some videos of me, old and you dont really see me hitting but yer:

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    Dec 2008
    Hi, what is your ranking in UK in your age group? Are you a matrix player?
    I don't think that it's fair using TennisW to promote your own forum.

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    errr this isnt to promote my own forum., Its just in my siggy if anyone wants to check it out. They dont have to if they dont want to.

    Im 20 soemthing in the UK.

    And what is a matrix player?

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    Dec 2008
    "Matrix" is a system developed by the LTA (UK Tennis governing body) to support financially top and most promising young players. There are 3 categories, A, B and C. Your coach or your Academy should know that. But if you need any other help with that matter feel free to ask me.
    p.s. I only complained about promoting other forums on TennisW because TennisW is giving maximum freedom to all their members and we should respect and not abuse that.

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    Never heard of that in my life wow. Im coached off judy murray but i still pay her £20 per lesson which generally lasts like an hour and a half.

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    Dec 2008
    Hmmm. Judy Murray is actively involved in the LTA and obviously in her sons tennis. She absolutely adores her Scotland and Scottish tennis. So I can not believe that her or anyone involved with her and training you will not introduce you to all the benefits that you deserve. Futhermore regional LTA are regularly visiting all clubs, training centres and Academies and they would have surely have told you that you are qualified or not. And to reach 20 something ranking you surely have been in lots of tournaments so again I don't understand how you have slipped through the net not to be seen by anyone.

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    I dunno, mabye she doesnt think i deserve money? I dont really. LTA have never been at a club im at, only good coaches have been, not lta people though.

    But yer, im coached by her normally twice a week, without her i wouldnt be nearly as good as i am.

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    Dec 2008
    Judy Murray is travelling 35 weeks per year out of the UK.

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    errr no she isnt. Clearly you dont believe me, ive been coached by her since i was 12.

    She goes away to england a lot but generally shes around a lot of the time.

    Excuse me, do you know her?

    edit: and she generally only goes away for 2 or 3 days at a time. She always makes time for me. Generally on sundays at stirling university. Come and watch =)
    Last edited by aliciasace; 01-26-2009 at 05:03 PM.

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    Dec 2008
    Shares her experiences from around the world of tennis

    Day 8 - At the Aussie Open

    I'm frazzled having been sitting out in the sun for about three hours on 'Brit watch'.

    Laura Robson, who is the fifth seed here, had a tricky opener in the girls' singles and had to come from 3-5 down to beat American Christine McHale on court 19. She had a few problems with her ball toss which seemed to affect the consistency of her serve but when she had to raise her game, she did and gained a straight sets win.James Chaudry followed her on the same court, he was playing against Chinese Taipei's answer to Eoighan Quigg, if you watched the X Factor you'll know what I mean, there is way too much hair but the kid could play. He's a really flashy leftie, who is double handed on both sides. His name is Hsieh (pronounced Shah) and he took the first set 6-1 in double quick time but James settled at the start of the 2nd and started playing a better height and depth and his opponent started to miss. James took the 2nd 6-2 and there were 5 breaks of serve at the start of the 3rd which I have to confess I missed due to falling asleep behind my shades! I was so tired after that 3 hour Dokic marathon last night.Hsieh took the 3rd 6-3 and he proved to have just too much firepower and variety for our boy.

    So Andy went down in 5 sets to Verdasco in a strange match which swung one way and then the other but the Spaniard just played (and served) that little bit better in the fifth. So that leaves Jamie in the mixed doubles tomorrow and a bit more time for shopping and sunbathing of course.

    More tomorrow.

    Judy's Blog

    Day 8 - At the Aussie Open - 26/01/2009

    The heat isn't relenting as I keep an eye on the Brits today.
    Day 7 - At the Aussie Open - 26/01/2009

    There has been some great tennis played and form of Dokic continues.
    Day 6 - At the Aussie Open - 26/01/2009

    There has been all sorts of excitment here in Melbourne today.
    Day 5 - At the Aussie Open - 23/01/2009

    The excitement of the Women's draw is keeping me and eveyone entertained.
    Day 4 - At the Aussie Open - 22/01/2009

    The wind has been a major factor on day three in Melbourne.
    Day 3 - At the Aussie Open - 21/01/2009

    Day 3 and I have got rather burnt...
    Day 2 - At the Aussie Open - 20/01/2009

    Judy Murray on British success on the second day at the Australian Open.
    Day 1 - At the Aussie Open - 19/01/2009

    Judy Murray will be providing a blog each day of the Australian Open, welcome to Day 1.
    Benefits of coaches watching their players - 26/12/2008

    For a coach to see how their player deals with on court match pressures can be really beneficial.
    Shanghai - Sunday 16 November - 17/11/2008

    I'm on my way home after an eventful week.
    Shanghai - Saturday 15th November - 17/11/2008

    Wow what a match that was last night. I needed a lie down afterwards!
    Shanghai - Friday 14 November - 14/11/2008

    I have been out on a shopping and dumpling excursion.
    Shanghai - Thursday 13 November - 13/11/2008

    Shopping in Shanghai...
    Shanghai - Wednesday 12 November - 12/11/2008

    The third day and Andy will play his second match.
    Shanghai - Tuesday 11 November - 11/11/2008

    A bit of a late finish last night but Andy is off to a winning start after beating Roddick in three sets.
    Shanghai - Monday 10th November - 10/11/2008

    I'm writting a daily blog from the Shanghai Masters as Andy competes with the best players in the world this week.
    Cardiff - 12U Grand Prix - 07/11/2008

    Making the players to responsibility for themselves is a great learning experience and there are a number of ways I introduce this.
    The Madrid Masters - 23/10/2008

    Ola from Madrid, catch up with me as race to Spain to see Andy win the Madrid Masters.
    The Davis Cup vs Austria - 25/09/2008

    A look over the Davis Cup weekend of the 19-21st September by Judy Murray.
    Blogging from Beijing 4 - 19/08/2008

    My final day and a goodbye from Beijing.
    Blogging from Beijing 3 - 19/08/2008

    I was lucky enough to get tickets for the tennis finals day and thought I would share some of it with you.
    Blogging from Beijing 2 - 19/08/2008

    I've been learning lots from talking to people in other sports.
    Blogging from Beijing - 19/08/2008

    A mixed Olympics on the tennis front but overall plenty to take from it.
    Post Wimbledon Reflection - 14/07/2008

    There is plenty to look back on from this hectic time of year.
    Juan Carlos Ferrero's academy - 28/05/2008

    This month I have also visited Juan Carlos Ferrero's academy in Valencia, as well as going abroad with some of our top juniors and keeping up with Andy and Jamie.

    Justine Henin's new club in Limelette - 22/05/2008

    Hey everyone! How’s it going? I hope you are enjoying the new look website and are managing to find your way around it. Talking of getting around, I've had a really busy time recently. All good fun though…well, most of it!
    Last edited by jtas; 01-26-2009 at 05:17 PM.

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    Yerr, i went to juan carlos ferro[s academy too, personally i thought they focused too much on weight training.

    Your point is? Youve got things mixed from different years there, I dont know why you're throwing a fit, surely you arent that jealous that she's my coach, i mean she is good but not THAT good. She left me three things to work on while she was at the australian open:
    getting my serve so i can hit it from the left side and it will bounce over the tramline after one bounce 8 times out of 10, getting quicker up to the short balls to do somethinf effective with them, and improving my volleys when i get a lower volley.

    Mhmm, ive never really been to bothered in exploiting her jsut because of her sons famous status, she doesnt like that crap. She likes to be known for being the good coach that she is.

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    Dec 2008
    Juan Carlos Ferrero's academy

    "Amongst all of this I took a week to go to Bressuire with some of our best 11 & Under and 12 & Under players. It was like going back in time!"

    you are 15
    Last edited by jtas; 01-26-2009 at 05:36 PM.

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    what, i know im 15?
    doesnt mean she isnt allowed to coach me

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    ehhh juan carlos ferrors academy is in spain dear not bresus or wherever

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    Exactly, she mentioned no age group for the trip to spain, it was for a look to see what the academy was like.

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