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    Join Date
    Dec 2008

    … And on the 8th day I became MODERATOR

    How about that! First of all I must thank TennisW Management team for the privilege given to me to be more involved in this project. I say project because all of us need to be more open and active if we are going to hammer out some truths of what is tennis today.
    I have a big job in front of me of making “Tennis Parents” AND “Tennis Academies” the number “1” source of information on the Net!!!
    But I really don’t want to talk about work now; I want to share my new privileges that I have now acquired with my status of being “MODERATOR”.
    You may laugh how much you want but it is true.

    This morning I showed to my colleagues in the office (all of them even the ones who work in different departments of mine) the TennisW email with acknowledgment of me becoming “MODERATOR” and I said:

    “If you upset me I will simple destroy you in my forums?”

    “Could you really do that?”

    “Yes I can, I’m “MODERATOR”.”

    So in the last 2 hours I have received 4 invitations for free lunch and my coffee cup is always full with fresh coffee without me asking.
    I sent emails to coaches that I will not anymore take any excuses for: “Sorry I couldn’t answer your phone call I was on the court” for not answering my phone calls instantly!!!

    If they don’t, I will:

    “Absolutely ruin your reputation in my forums, Yes I can, I’m “MODERATOR”.”

    Coaches with forum experience and an understanding of what actually a moderator does are laughing their heads off, but the rest of them are very worried. One coach even replies:

    “It is very unprofessional to carry a personal phone on court and I think that we should discus that in more details in our next meeting.
    P.S. Well done on the moderator position, you must explain more about what that means.”
    Well Aaron you can read now, so I don’t have to explain to you!!!

    I called my brother who is a soccer agent and cancelled my trip with him to some God forgotten place on Saturday to watch some young talent. The weather is absolutely frizzing and I hate cold weather!!! Last time when I went with him on one of his scouting trips I ran in danger of becoming the “ice man”. After 2 hours of standing in one place in minus temperatures watching people play soccer he asked:

    “What you think about him?”

    “I can not think Brother I’m frozen” He was upset but that didn’t stop him inviting me again. So this time I told him about my “MODERATOR” position and how busy I’m going to be over the weekend, and how sorry I’m not going to be able to go with him this Saturday. He asked for the name of the forum where I’m “MODERATOR” but I will not give him the name before Sunday, I simply don’t want him to read this before than.
    And finally tonight when my wife comes to my little home office and makes the statement;
    “It’s one o’ clock in the morning are you planning to go to bed?”

    I will simple answer:

    “I would love to but I have my “MODERATOR” duties to attend to! “

    I hope nobody is upset by me writing this. Even if they are, well… I could not resist the temptation of the moment.
    “We are all born dictators, are we going to become one depends of the blindness of others who give us their trust.”

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    Blagh, I hope i dont come across as rude but:
    1. its only a forum job on the internet
    2.You're blackmailing people
    3. People cant answer the phone when they're coaching, Very unprofessional.

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    Dec 2008
    "Coaches with forum experience and an understanding of what actually a moderator does are laughing their heads off"
    My dear I was having fun! Obviously everyone once that they read what I wrote will understand what a moderator job is all about and will laugh with me.

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    But why would people be "scared" and give you free lunch? I mean like, you arent gonna kill them with being able to delete a topic.

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    Sep 2004
    New England
    Quote Originally Posted by aliciasace View Post
    Blagh, I hope i dont come across as rude but:
    1. its only a forum job on the internet
    2.You're blackmailing people
    3. People cant answer the phone when they're coaching, Very unprofessional.
    Actually I rather enjoyed his Post. It brought a smile to my face and not for nothing, if becoming a Moderator on TennisW.Com means even 50% of that to a Member here, then we picked the right person for the job. I'm certain John would echo my sentiments.

    Congrats Jtas .. you deserve the honor and it's far from being just a Forum Job on the Internet, actually John & I have been discussing this in length because all of us take TennisW very seriously.

    Not just anyone fits the criteria as you know quite well. As John mentioned, policing the Forum is not what we're looking for, I'll take care of that. You won't have to be the bad guy.

    We are hoping that Moderators for TennisW.Com assist in creating new Topics for discussion, instill excitement and enthusiasm and most of all, love the Forum as much as we love the Forum. If you do, the rest will take care of itself.

    Thanks and btw, you must recognize humor when you read it

    The only acceptable loss is when your opponent was better than you on that given day.
    It is never acceptable to lose when your opponent was not.

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    May 2003
    Ha! Nice! You could probably also tell your friends or associates that as a "moderator" you're in good with the admin and that you can have the admin change their professional looking usernames into something really goofy if they mess with ya.

    Was lunch and the coffee good? Hmmm.... how does "I-Have-No-Skills" sound for a username? Tell your colleagues that my delivery address is on the way. Hey, us TW mods and admins must stick together! Network Administrator

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    I'm a Mod on a tennis betting site. It's a lot of fun. Well done and enjoy.
    I liked your piece too - funny.


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    Mar 2009
    Not a very good way of using your power of mod.
    But, oh well, we all need to have a bit of fun. (:
    Congratulations and good work!

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