They say:

MCTA, the first touring tennis academy in the world. MCTA is an elite and exclusive tennis academy with the mission to discover, train and manage the most promising young tennis players in the world and to develop them to become top 100 professional tennis players.The Monte Carlo Country Club (MCCC) is the base for the Monte Carlo Tennis Academy. The Club was inaugurated in 1928 in front of an assembly of royalty, including Gustav V of Sweden, the Great Duke Andre of Russia and HSH Prince Louis II of Monaco. Since its origin the MCCC has always been in the forefront of the international tennis scene.
It plays host to a Masters Series tournament where the greatest names in tennis battle it out year after year on the famous red clay courts; Nastase, Vilas, Borg, Connors, Lendl, Edberg, Becker, Kuerten, Ferrero, and Nadal are just a few who have enthralled spectators and TV audiences worldwide. A Quest for Excellence The Monte Carlo Tennis Academy’s mission is to discover, train and manage the best junior tennis players in the world and develop them to become top professional players. The Monte Carlo Country Club’s association with success and excellence provides the perfect training base for the Academy's players in what is undoubtedly one of the most stunning locations in the world.


Anna Fitzpatrick

Ilija Vucic

Henri Kontinen

Wesley Moodie

Stefania Boffa

They Credo:

"We’re delighted to be the home base of the Monte Carlo Tennis Academy created by Vincent Hillsdon and David Sammel. We are sure that this new and unique touring tennis academy will rapidly be successful. We are certain the players and the coaching staff of the academy will find here all the necessary facilities to achieve their goals.” Francis Truchi, Director of the MCCC.

I say :

Monte Carlo is some kind of fusion and confusion of an academy. It is really a country club which decided to organise tournaments and then 16 years ago decided to open an academy. These days their trying to create a niche called "travelling academy". Their nice people but they have the attitude of making your child aware, on a daily basis of how lucky he or she is that they have opened their doors for them. Their mainly connected with people from Great Britain they have a good Head Coach and he is using his connections in Great Britain to raise the profile of the academy.