Lets start with a story.

20 years ago when I was young just starting in the business of sport, I went with one extremely experienced manager on a field trip to check at that time a young tennis player. After less then 10 minutes watching this player he said that he wanted to sign him. I was completely shocked so I asked him,

"You must know everything about tennis?".
"No dear boy, not much."
I was even more shocked.
"But you just offered a contract to a boy that you has just watched for 10 minutes" I asked completely confused.
"The coach that I trust told me that he is good, but I did my homework much earlier, if you want to succeed in this business don't watch players coaches will do this for you, watch the parents' thats your job. If you are happy with the parents' just offer the contract if you are not run away the fastest that you can whatever the quality of the player is."

And this is the biggest truth that I have ever heard.So I never stopped making a connection with parents' before I make any decision.
So we created this forum for you parents' to talk about stuff that is important in the raising of a player. If all of you are honest enough and tell us your true experiences we should learn a lot.

Coaches, don't be shy tell us your experiences with parents' and what should be done to improve relationships and trust.

Write and enjoy!

Thank you.