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Thread: Forehand Help!

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    Forehand Help!

    Help me please!

    I used to have an awesome forehand and could consider it a "weapon" in my game along with my serve. Now, it's more of a burden, especially in tight matches and tournaments and I rely on a great backhand instead.

    My problem is (and my pro and I have been working on it for months now) that I use too much of my wrist on my forehand which causes my shots to have too much topspin and drop short (usually at or inside the service box).

    Now obviously shots like this the better players can take advantage of me all match but no matter how much I practice I just can't get into the habit of driving my racquet on contact with the ball. I also turn my wrist and get a wristy type forehand which drops short with a lot of topspin. To better explain my problem better my coach says its like a ping pong swing where I snap the wrist while hitting the forehand and I'm brushing up on it instead of hitting up and extending.

    How can i correct this habit? I mean i've been practicing a ton to try to but I just can't seem to get it to work. Any drills or what? I think my incredibly loose wrist has something to deal with it, my wrist is sooooo loose that i can fling it forewards and backwards and it looks gross. Could that be the problem? Tooo lose of a wrist? I was thinking of taping my right wrist to keep it firm and try that... Any tips?

    Thanks a ton,

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    I had a really similar problem.
    Here's how I fixed it, but ultimately it's best to check with your coach.
    Firstly, I held the racquet a bit higher up the grip. I was holding the racquet with my hand hanging over the butt of the racquet, which makes a floppy wrist more likely. Holding the racquet higher up the grip makes it harder to use a floppy wrist.
    Secondly, try keeping the racquet head ABOVE your wrist while you take the racquet back and only drop your racquet head just before you hit the ball. This also encourages you to keep a firm wrist because it's hard to keep the racquet head above your wrist if it's too floppy!
    Hope that helps a little, but check with your coach.

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    Try spreading your fingers apart when you grip to forehand. Takes out the wrist equation by locking the wrists.
    Hit higher when you spin, so it goes deeper, since you know you tend to hit short.
    SHORTEN you backswing, and you hit flatter.... but turn shoulders fully.

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    Strengthen whichever arm you use the forehand with,
    Practice the swinging motion,
    Practice with two hands and when you feel confident enough start using one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robyna View Post
    Strengthen whichever arm you use the forehand with,
    Practice the swinging motion,
    Practice with two hands and when you feel confident enough start using one.
    of the three excellent recommendations, i'd have to agree with this one the most.

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    Wrist Problem

    Try the Racket Bracket -

    Oscar had me use it, and other well-respected coaches like John Carpenter and Ken DeHart use it with students as well.
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