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    Talking Racquet Stringing

    Is there anyone that depends on racquet stringing for part or most of their income?
    If so is your client base just looking at price? What % want and are willing to pay for QUALITY string?
    In Australia it appears price is the biggest thing and colored strings are popular regardless of playability.

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    I string my own racquets. No idea whether I am doing a good job. How do you tell stringing quality?

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    Jan 2009
    Strung well over 1,000 rackets back in '78 in SanFrancisco, possibly double, because some nylon strings, I could do two in just over an hour.
    If they're enamored by color and cheap, you won't make any $$$ of them because they're not playing tennis....just image and look.
    Good players use good strings when they can.
    Those days, most pros used VS gut at $25 per pack THEN.
    I couldn't feel the diff, or didn't want to, and warmed them up with my cheapo Leona66 two buck chuck, and never noticed much diff.

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    Talking Mixed

    I am mixed as i was raised in America but, have lived in Australia a long time.
    Price is very important to Australians and even a lot of the good players just get syn-gut of the reel. Most of the pro shops dont carry much of a line of good strings as iassume they don,t sell the good stuff.
    I had to send my ball machine back to the distributor for repair. He imports racquets & string as well. I was asking about stringing machines and string.
    He confirmed the market is very much price driven.
    If you think about it , stringing off a reel of syn gut you probably get more profit as you can increase your labor part and, still keep prices down.
    The cheapest restring here is $25.00AUD and that price is hard to find. The cost of syn-gut or cheap polly is 3 or 4 dollars and most stringers charge $32.00 to $35.00 .
    I know what you mean by V.S. gut. I have wilson gut in one racquet and Wilson NXT in another its not worth the price for that gut.(hardly any difference) I have used Klip Legend gut before. My memory of it was the most impressive string i ever hit with.
    I will say one thing about string quality. If you took that toalson 66 out of a racquet you were playing with and replaced it with nxt, klip excellarator, gamman tnt2 to mention a few you would have a much better playing racquet
    by a very good margin.
    To answer another post on what makes a good string job it would be
    Same tennsion on each string
    the tension you wanted is the tension you achived
    no miss weaving
    the crosses not pulled so harshly as to burn string
    if using poly not to pull it quickly or at too high a tension as to overstrech it
    which in turn kills the life out of it

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