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    backhand help pleaase

    When i started out, my two-handed backhand used to be my strength. i could rely on it anytime when i needed it. but as i got older and as my forehand got stronger, my backhand is just gone. it would mean a lot if anyone could help me with this problem

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    2HBH Tips

    Please go to the Modern Tennis Methodology Forum thread entitled "The Two-Handed Backhand"

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    Practice backhands more.
    First option is rip it crosscourt. Do that most of the time.
    For down the line, you can use some amount of slice or sidespin.
    In any level of tournament play, the opponent adopts the strategy of POUNDING your backhand, so your backhand becomes better the more you play

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    Hi, check if you are tense when the ball is going to the backhand, if is like this, try to feel the same than when the ball is going to the forehand ( in fact doenst have to have diference) A good idea to recover the touch in the shots:
    1- play a lot of mini tennis with topspin, then you gona get back the Touch
    2- slow you have to go back keeping the curve, i mean tray to hit 1 or 2 mtrs over the net
    3- when you get the baseline, try to fell you body hitting well. play attencion how you are watching the ball, where you are hitting
    4. A very good complement for this is: take a 1/2 kilo hammer, and make 5 or 8 movements like a backhand. after that you have to hit like 15/20 backhands, do this for 3 or 4 times. You should feel the shot easier. (this job is to improve the intermuscle coordination) The weight of the hammer will depend of your age, and fitness condition. Never do this if you are not fit.

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    First thought is that this is a good thing. When one stroke improves and passes your strength, it doesn't nessecarily mean it has become worse, it has just stayed the same and is not as good as your forehand is now. It is time to practice your backhand now until it passes your forehand skill. Remember that you need to develop a weapon, which usually is your forehand, but you backhand has to be good enough to hang in there.

    Second, try loosening your grip on your dominate hand forcing your non-dominate hand to take over. If you drop your pinky, ring and middle finger off your grip it will help to get the feel of your non-dominate hand to dominate the swing.
    Michael Burge
    USPTA Master Professional

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvlzadvoket View Post
    When i started out, my two-handed backhand used to be my strength. i could rely on it anytime when i needed it. but as i got older and as my forehand got stronger, my backhand is just gone. it would mean a lot if anyone could help me with this problem

    First off I'd like to say in reading the replies you've received, they are all really good advice. I especially like what Dynamic Doubles says about loosening your grip on your dominate hand. The reason I like that statement is, essentially a two handed backhand is nothing more than a left handed forehand shot with a person's right hand there for moral support. All the work is really being done with your left hand and arm muscles.

    Having said that, what exactly do you mean by, "My backhand is just gone"? Are you saying you've lost confidence in your backhand shot? Or are you suggesting when a ball come to your backhand side, you've completely forgotten the mechanics of how to strike the ball?

    In other words, where do we begin? Are you needing to know how to hit a two handed backhand shot? I think not, given you already know how so if you could indulge us a little by explaining what "Gone" means. I think we'd be better equipped to give some solutions.

    Like you, I've always relayed upon my backhand. I believe my backhand return of serve is one of my key shots and unlike most, I often times cheat to the right in order to open up the court forcing shots to come to my backhand side because I enjoy nothing more than a backhand rally or passing shot.

    I went through a period where I wanted to adapt a one-handed backhand and the transformation was challenging to say the least but at the end of the day, I found myself returning to the two-handed backhand which I just feel more comfortable in using.

    *Remember when striking a backhand, it's the exact same as striking a ball with the right only on the opposite side. The follow-through is the same as well. You probably already know this but when you break down the movement of your body on the backhand side, your muscles tends to lineup naturally. Next time you go out to hit, try telling yourself that your BH is your strong side rather than telling yourself the opposite. You'd be surprised at what your mind can do to a good game of Tennis.
    The only acceptable loss is when your opponent was better than you on that given day.
    It is never acceptable to lose when your opponent was not.

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