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Thread: rebound net

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    rebound net

    I learned from Haretrigger in this forum that he uses a rebound net and foam balls to improve his strokes. It sounds like a better alternative to walls in the winter (seems you can use in a basement). When I searched on the web, I did not see any reviews of the products, except a negative one about a Gamma product not good for hard hitters. Does anyone have any experience with rebound nets?

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    I dont think they really do very good, It used to muck up my stroke hitting against the net.

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    If you just use it to improve the feel between your racquet and ball, and ignore the timing aspect of the game, might that work? What was the reason that it didn't work for you?

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    When i went onto the court after i had being hitting against the net, the balls were going everywhere. It also caused me to use my arm too much and forcing through the ball instead of using my whole body.

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    Talking Works for me

    All i can say is that it works for me. Considering that you have such an easy way to practice its an amazing benifit. Most of us cant get to the court every day but, its easy to get to the net every day. Maybe its different for me but i can hit in the center of my racquet on a 95sq in (630 cm) 98% of the time. This is due to my net. Even though i have my ball machine i will never give up my net. If i am the only one it works for i guess i got LUCKY but it is only a very small investment to find out.
    One of the guys i sold a racquet to saw my net and bought one for his family and himself. He e-mailed me on another racquet i have for sale. In our conversation he mentioned he now had the same net and how handy it was.
    So there is at least 2 of us in the world who endorse it.

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    Haretrigger, which one of these rebound nets look like yours?

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    Talking More LIKE #1

    I live in AUSTRALIA so purchased mine from
    Its the largest one. maybe 9ft by 7 foot. look them up. If you get one get the big one. Its a very small investment

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    Oscar recommends using a slant board for practicing volleys - not the same as your net idea, but something that can be practiced inside (with foam balls at least) and VERY effective. He demonstrates it in his DVDs (in Tennis 101 I believe); the more you slant the board the easier it is to do the drill. You gradually increase the distance from the board and decrease the angle of the board. If your form is correct you can build up to hitting dozens of volleys without missing or your arm getting tired. It does take some practice but well worth it. I use a 4x4 piece of plywood. My 6-year-old grandson and I use it together and have a blast practicing together. I personally prefer a backboard or racketball court to practice groundstrokes - but if you are confined to the indoors the net makes sense. What about using foam balls too? At least you can practice your grip and stroke path...
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    Thanks a lot Tennis Angel and Haretrigger.

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    Talking Foam balls

    I use the slant board as well. I got that from OSCAR,S DVD,s. Works well and provides easy opportunity to practice tennis anywere. I live in a very sunny climate but, this morning i had the chance to hit with net and board.
    Without them there would have been no practice

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    The rebound net just came. It looks sturdy and bounces well. I have a feeling it'll used a lot. I am really happy I made the investment.

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    Talking Good move

    I was only pushing you to get one because of the results i got from mine.
    I make very clean contact with the ball these days. This is due to the net.
    I spent a half hour using mine this morning not, hitting the foam ball that hard just, making sure i was hitting in the center of the racquet.I feel i could use an old 85sq in racquet and still not mishit the ball.
    IT really is a GOOD MOVE on your part!!

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