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    Apr 2009

    Lefty forehand troubles.

    Hi, I'm new to the forums, and I signed up for the sole purpose of fixing my forehand. My topspin forehand lacks power and control, and I can't hit them unless it is an easy shot or if I'm feeding the ball. I usually use a forehand slice if I have to, if I can't maneuver myself around the ball to use my backhand. I asked a friend about my form, and he said that I have to move into the ball when I swing. I've improved a little because of that, but I still lack the power that I can get using my backhand. I'm playing varsity tennis as a freshman in high school, mainly because of my backhand and serving, and I feel that if I can get a powerful and accurate forehand I can easily do better. Thanks in advance.

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    Your grip is wrong!! I'll post back with the correct grip next week, 'cause it's easier than it sounds but I've gotta do some research to explain it to a person.

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    Apr 2009
    I use a semi-western grip. I really did ask my friend, he wasn't sure why I wasn't hitting them right.

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    You may be having trouble because you are trying to hit topspin with classic forehand mechanics. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a big, fat, no-go. If you want topspin, you want windshield-wiper mechanics. You should be hitting the ball as described on the following pages if you want topspin, power and control:

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    Dec 2009
    LA, California
    You might wanna check this out. Verdasco has one those effortlessly powerful yet flawless forehands and his mechanics are absolutely spot-on
    "The depressing thing about tennis is that no matter how good I get, Iíll never be as good as a wall."

    "Whoever said, ĎItís not whether you win or lose that counts,í probably lost."

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    Jan 2009
    Confidence is one of the keys.
    If you just relax and hit all out fastest for a week, and even if half of them go long or into the net, then back off to 70%, you'll get all the forehands into the opponent's court.
    Possibly you just need to let loose and HIT THE BALL, not worrying if it goes in or comes back harder.
    Seems to have gotten my erratic forehand out of it's funk, I mostly play doubles and just hit out fully the first 3-6 balls, then back off some power and everything goes not only in, but where I want it to go.
    I assume you have the correct form, with the coaching availible to you, so it must be a mental barrier that you have to overcome.

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