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    What happened to The Sopranos?

    "Don't Stop Believing"

    I like so many others watched & enjoyed 'The Sopranos'. The night of the Finale, not only did my family watch it together but friends of the kids came over and watched it at our house. I guess without realizing it, we wound up having a Final Episode Party which my wife is still upset about because the kids cleaned out the frig, her beloved popcorn & ice cream and made it uncomfortable for her to stretch out on the couch like she does. I'm still saying
    "Get Over It". Anyway here's my take on what happens at the end. [Nothing]

    The Sopranos, Tony, Carmela, Meadow and Anthony Jr. have a nice meal together and go home to begin putting the pieces back together of what's left.
    Yes, some of our favorites are gone but others are still alive like Sil & Paulie. Even Hesh, Junior, Janice and Dr. Melfi are still alive. And remember folks, The song playing on the Player was by plan. Dave Chase is telling us not to stop believing that there could be yet another short Season or Movie even which you can't have if Tony is dead. Not to mention, at this juncture, there was no real reason to whack Tony. His true enemies are dead now and after his last attack, he began to consider much more than ever before.

    I think it's amazing how people can see something and make an argument based upon not seeing clearly. The old saying, "Seeing is believing " is so wrong.

    Incorrect Statement #1
    - Meadow's 3 attempts at parking her car was synonymous of the three attempts on Tony's life. In other words, Meadow tried to park her car outside of the restaurant in the final scene. Her first two attempts failed and was successful on the third try. Many online claim they showed that as a clue to what happened to Tony at that restaurant. The connection is, there were two previous attempts on Tony's life that failed and this will be the third that will be successful. Problem with that theory is, there weren't three attempts on his life. [Yes] Tony was shot twice before the when his Uncle shot him, his Uncle truly didn't know what he was doing. He wasn't trying to kill Tony. This was not an attempt in the sense that there was a planned hit that went bad, therefore I don't count that.

    Incorrect Statement #2 - Meadow's face was the last face you saw in the Episode before the Screen went black. [Wrong] Actually Tony's face was the last face you saw. And I find this one particularly funny because I've read this statement from a number of people including the AccessHollywood Street Reporter, interviewing Jamie-Lynn Sigler who played Meadow Soprano, asking her how it felt being the last face we got to see on the Series. Her answer was, I thought it was great and a surprise because this was the first time we saw the episode after the final editing. Well Ms. Sigler, sorry to rain on your parade but what we actually saw was you getting out of your car, running across the street, next scene we hear the doorbell ring and we see Tony look up towards the restaurant door, then scene goes to black.

    Incorrect Statement #3
    - The two Black guys that came in the restaurant were the guys that made the attempt on Tony's life before. Now this I only saw a few times written by Soprano Fans who obviously were merely fans that liked the show and had no clue as to what was being portrayed. The two black guys who tried to whack Tony didn't fair so well. One was killed and the other is in jail for attempted murder.

    Conclusion - The camera jumped around to many different people all seemingly there as possible suspects if in fact a hit was going to happen. Only the guy at the Bar who kept looking back at people talking could have been the probable assassin given he could have followed them to the restaurant but the others were already there illustrating that unless this was a favorite dining facility for the family and the other people were there laying in waiting. Now the guy at the bar walked in after them meaning if he were there to do the deed, he simply waited a bit before going in. Ok I'll buy that but why go to the bathroom? There was no reason for that unless David Chase wanted us to believe he might have gone into the bathroom to get the gun. Oh but wait, again that would mean people already knew where they were going i.e. The Godfather I when Tony went into the bathroom to get the gun that was planted for him.

    So let's assume he didn't go into the bathroom for that reason and if his purpose was to kill Tony, all he had to do was get up and do right then & there. The two black guys that came in immediately started looking at a showcase near the front door. Never did they even look up and case out who was there or not there. If they were there for that reason, the first thing they would have done upon walking in was to take a quick glance around.

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    Ah... The Sopranos... one of my all time favorite shows. I recall hearing something about a Sopranos movie that might be made at some point. I wouldn't be surprised, they might do something like that just to capitalize more on the success of the show. One thing that did bother me about The Sopranos was how they paused the show for a bit too long, I think between seasons 2-3 or 3-4. Seemed like forever before the new season started.

    At the end of the final episode I don't think Tony got whacked. If anything was to go down, I think the result would be Tony's family witnessing first hand the line of work he is in. I haven't watched that final episode since the night it was on, so I might not be remembering it exactly. I just remember thinking "that can't be it, there has to be more to this story." It was quite an odd way of ending the show, to leave us in the "dark" in regards to what happens. Network Administrator

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